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Last year (2012) the Tower Hamlets Federation of TRAs produced a Residents Charter which sets our a number of basic principles which Tower Hamlets Tenants and Residents call on all Providers of Social Housing to adopt.

It was approved by Council July 2012 and in September 2012 was presented to the Tower Hamlets Housing Forum for consideration (THHF is a partnership between housing associations ie registered providers and the council).

The largest housing providor in the MERA area, EastEnd Homes approved the charter in November.

Paul Bloss (CEO EEH) said in a letter on 16th November "EeH would therefore, fully endorse the key principles of the Charter given our clear commitment to consultation in all areas of our work, and the accountable" (full letter here).

Charter Small

Click image to read charter


On the 31st January 2012 at the Eastend Homes main board meeting the recognition agreement with EEHLFA (Eastend Homes Leaseholder & Freeholder Association) was ditched (see report here). The board deciding instead to set up a Home Owners’ Forum (or HOF as the bureaucrats like to call it)

Over a year has passed and not a peep from the "HOF".  Nothing on the EEH.net website.

Maybe they have gone down the same route as the resident scrutiny panel which recently has drawn in up to two people to attend panel meetings.

See what EEHLFA achieved here on this site for Loweswater House residents and drop in to the EEHLFA site by clicking the logo below.

eastend homes leaseholder logo

From our first site


Mile End SNT

101badge Mile End SNT

Public meeting tonight

Thursday 10 April 2014, 19:00


Mile End Park Art Pavilion to become Wedding Venue

Tower Hamlets Council have decided that the Art Pavilion in Mile End Park is to be used for weddings instead of Art exhibitions every year from June to August inclusively and perhaps running into May and September.

A restricted report was considered by the King George’s Field Charity Board on the 29th of January in a meeting attended by only 3 of the 10 members of the board. They were Deputy Mayor Ohid Ahmed, Cabinet Member for Resources Alibor Choudhury and Cabinet Member for Environment Shahed Ali.

Mile+End+Art+Pavilion Mile End Park Art Pavilion to become Wedding Venue

Click here or image to go to Friends of Mile End Park website

For many years the Art Pavilion was underused, but for the last two years or so it has been transformed by a volunteer curator, so that more often than not, there are free public exhibitions on every week. All this is due to end from the 1st of April to allow the necessary building work to begin.

The Friends of Mile End Park were not consulted about this proposal and have a number of concerns about the loss of what has become a great free local art venue. You can read more details here.

If you have concerns regarding this change to the park please go along to the next Friends of Mile End Park Meeting on Thursday 10 April at 7.30 pm in the Eco Pavilion (as the Art Pavilion will be closed). Steve Murray, LBTH Head of Arts and Parks has confirmed he will attend.

Site watch…. 2014

icon fullscreen Site watch.... 2014icon qr code Site watch.... 2014
Eric and Treby Estate - Mile End - London E3

loading map - please wait...

Ennerdale House: 51.523698, -0.031017
Truck reversing - with no banksman - Ennerdale on 9th June 2010: 51.523836, -0.030991
Environmental Health stop work due to excessive dust: 51.523805, -0.032209
Skip burns out next to gas cylinders: 51.523971, -0.031318
Developers hoarding falls on residents car: 51.523536, -0.031141
Professional driver on phone while moving heavy vehicle in public area with load: 51.523744, -0.031629
Enlargement of Coniston car park without planning permission: 51.524877, -0.032026
Breached planning conditions contamination remediation: 51.524185, -0.032890
Remediation on open space 3: 51.523753, -0.032777
Excessive dust during concrete crushing - site 15: 51.523138, -0.032504
Excessive dust - a constant issue - Brockesley St - site 8: 51.525544, -0.030143
Telfords workers starting noisy work at 7 am: 51.523460, -0.031220
Eric Street double yellow lines: 51.523992, -0.033205
Well done EEH - keeping doors closed: 51.523005, -0.030624
Contractor Neglect: 51.525153, -0.031637
A rough guide to get started – zoom in or out if you want – click on the icons for more information
 Site watch.... 2014

How our estate was  before the developers

The Eastend Homes website seems to be floundering in HTML cut and paste land due to ongoing technical difficulties (Ongoing and still unresolved for the last ten months).

Their free (as in speech and beer) content management system “plone” is stuffed and seems to have lost its database, If you know the whereabouts of the EEH website database do not hesitate to contact.

It has been four years since permission was granted for the over-developement of the Eric, Treby & Brockesley Estates with private flats. So with the aid of the Google it may be an idea to recap on the events of the past 4 years. So have a look and click about on the Google map above – still a work in progress so further information will be added as time passes.

Stay tuned.

How to spend £170,000

CCCw539 How to spend £170,000

A new scheme has started which gives Tower Hamlets residents the power to decide how to spend £170,000 on improving communities across the borough. Each of the 17 wards in the borough has its own Community Ward Forum, run by residents. There will be a series of three meetings. The first to decide local priorities will take place this Friday.

The Community Ward Forum is tasked with deciding how to spend £10,000 on improving the Mile End East area. You can be a part of the decision making.

Meeting One – Priority Setting

Friday, December 13th @ 6.30 – 8.30pm

East London Tabernacle Baptist Church

Burdett Road

CCCw options How to spend £170,000

Mile End Road Cycle Death

donkin accident Mile End Road Cycle Death
The BBC and the East London Advertiser are reporting that  ”A cyclist has died after a collision with a tipper lorry in east London on a cycle superhighway” Not quite the truth…..

The incident happened around quarter to four today (5th November 2013).  At 9.00 pm the road was still closed and the victims dead body still on scene.

Word on the street is that a 62 year old man was dragged to his death by the tipper truck which at time of writing is also still on scene.

November 6th Update:-

A witness said the victim, in his sixties, “must have broken every bone in his body” after he was hit from behind by the truck shortly before 5pm yesterday on Mile End Road which forms parts of  the blue-painted  cycle superhighway 2.

Read more here from the Evening Standard.

The bike rider killed by a tipper lorry on London’s Cycling Superhighway 2 in Mile End yesterday has been named as Brian Holt, a porter at Mile End Hospital.

Mr Holt, a married father, was described by colleagues as a “wonderful man who would be sadly missed”.

Brian Holt is the third cyclist to die on Cycle Superhighway 2, which was described in the inquest into the death of Brian Dorling at its Bow roundabout eastern end as “just a piece of blue paint” by a crash investigator and as “confusing” and “an accident waiting to happen” by the coroner.

mileend2 Mile End Road Cycle Death

Image Evening Standard


560 – 562 Mile End Road – Redevelopment Proposals

Bestzone Ltd, part of the Galiard (Group) Ltd have an invitation for you. They would like to show you the plans they have come up with to build over the former Vogue Cinema at 562 Mile End Road. The former infamous Boheme nightclub.

An application submitted to LBTH in 2007 (PA/07/01723) talks of a building of up to 30 floors. Below are the ideas we were shown at the Ecology Centre on Grove Road from 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm today 30th September. The revised plans have been reduced down to 15 floors from the 2007 scheme.

Galliard Mile End w400 560   562 Mile End Road   Redevelopment Proposals

View looking up Burdett Road towards Mile End Road

Eastend Homes AGM

EastendHomes Ltd Annual General Meeting


September 23rd at 7.30 pm

Please note the last minute change of venue and time
Meeting to be held in the Southern Grove Centre

Bouygues UK to hand over new Beatrice Tate School today

Residents around Southern Grove will have noticed a flurry of activity on the school site over the bank holiday weekend. Annoying it has been but today should see Bouygues UK hand the school over to the folks at Beatrice Tate. The existing Beatrice Tate School will be relocated from St Jude’s Road to the new site at Southern Grove. The school wiill accomodate approximately 75 SEN pupils aged between 11 and 19.

PANO B Tate w550 Bouygues UK to hand over new Beatrice Tate School today

All pupils will arrive at the school via mini-buses. A drop-off area is proposed to the front of the School where pupil drop-offs and pick-ups will take place at the beginning and end of each day – much the same as system as the previous resource centre that the school replaces.


FREE training courses for residents

Do you want to get involved in improving your neighbourhood? Training courses 150 FREE training courses for residents
Do you want to improve your skills and knowledge and make your TRA or community group more effective?
If the answer is yes, we can help.

Tower Hamlets Homes in partnership with East Thames, Gateway, Newlon, Genesis, Poplar HARCA and Tower Hamlets Federation of Tenants’ & Residents’ Associations is offering local residents FREE training courses.
You will gain experience, learn new skills and get the chance to meet other like-minded people.
Places are on a first come first served basis – so book early!

Contact [email protected] or call 020 7364 0718

Date Title of Course Venue
Saturday 7th September 2013 Setting Up a Community Group/ Committee Skills Wyn Garrett Resource Centre, Massingham Street, E1 4EB
Wednesday 11th September 2013 Public Speaking/Presentation Skills Wyn Garrett Resource Centre, Massingham Street, E1 4EB
Wednesday 25th September 2013 Organising Community Events Gateway Office, 409-413 Mile End Road, E3 4PB
Saturday 5th October 2013 Negotiating & Influencing Wyn Garrett Resource Centre, Massingham Street, E1 4EB
Wednesday 23rd October 2013 Running & Chairing Meetings Gateway Office, 409-413 Mile End Road, E3 4PB
Wednesday 6th November 2013 Finding the Funds Wyn Garrett Resource Centre, Massingham Street, E1 4EB
Saturday 16th November 2013 Skills for Treasurers Wyn Garrett Resource Centre, Massingham Street, E1 4EB
Wednesday 27th November 2013 Skills for Secretaries Gateway Office, 409-413 Mile End Road, E3 4PB
Saturday 7th December 2013 Managing a Project Wyn Garrett Resource Centre, Massingham Street, E1 4EB
Saturday 18th January 2013 Managing a CommunityBuilding Gateway Office, 409-413 Mile End Road, E3 4PB
Wednesday 29th January 2014 Introduction to Resident scrutiny Wyn Garrett Resource Centre, Massingham Street, E1 4EB
Saturday 8th February 2014 Using Participatory Techniques in Engagement Wyn Garrett Resource Centre, Massingham Street, E1 4EB
Wednesday 12th February 2014 Running & Chairing Meetings Gateway Office, 409-413 Mile End Road, E3 4PB
Saturday 22nd February 2014 Mystery Shopping Wyn Garrett Resource Centre, Massingham Street, E1 4EB

Training THH logos w496 FREE training courses for residents

Shuffle Festival

ennerdale jupiter Shuffle Festival

Temporary fame for Ennerdale House

Have the lunatics taken over the Asylum?

Hardly…. but things have been happening on the site of the St Clements Hospital with the Shuffle Festival kicking off a program of events including a series of films curated by Danny Boyle heralding the opening up of the site which has been a mysterious and  often dark place to Mile End residents who did not work there or be unfortunate enough to be sent there.

Danny has been involved and supportive of the first urban land trust at Clems and is keen, along with the East London CLT, to hold Boris Johnson to his promise of a similar scheme on the Olympic site. The aim being to provide a truly affordable “housing product” for the people of East London

The St Clements Social Club headed by the “Meanwhile Uses Committee” of the CLT has pulled together an exciting programme of events which started full swing on the 8th August. Danny revealed last week in an article in The Standard that he used to live in Ennerdale House on Hamlets Way.

Meanwhile Uses Committee members Kate MacTiernan and Lizzy Daish have been the driving force behind the project but the list of those involve is literally as long as your arm.

  • Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (help and advice with planting schemes)
  •  Mile End Residents Association (Board members and local reps have helped with monitoring noise levels around the site)
  • Community Payback team (the grounds would not have been cleared without their help)
  • London Fire Brigade (the work they did to get the bow up last year  for the opening was phenomenal)
  • Dave Smith and Calum Green (ELCLT)
  • …… and many more. Names will be added…..soon…

Most of the Danny Boyle Q&A sessions are now sold out, but please feel welcome to drop in for a drink and a look around the site – open after 4.30pm most days .

This is a site where subject to the finalisation of the Section 106 agreement (a legal document which amongst other things ensures the amount of affordable housing) will result in 73 really affordable homes for local people and a social hub for all the community.

See  Danny Boyle talking about the site, the prospect of true community involvement, the festival and his future projects.

meralogo 260 1 Shuffle Festival

all the logos w240 Shuffle Festival

 In partnership with the East London Community Land Trust and associated development partners.