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on the table.

In 2012 the Tower Hamlets Federation of TRAs produced a Residents Charter which sets our a number of basic principles which Tower Hamlets Tenants and Residents call on all Providers of Social Housing to adopt.

It was approved by Council July 2012 and in September 2012 was presented to the Tower Hamlets Housing Forum for consideration (THHF is a partnership between housing associations ie registered providers and the council).

The largest housing providor in the MERA area, EastEnd Homes approved the charter in November.

Paul Bloss (CEO EEH) said in a letter on 16th November "EeH would therefore, fully endorse the key principles of the Charter given our clear commitment to consultation in all areas of our work, and the accountable" (full letter here).

Charter Small

Click image to read charter

From our first site


Support Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Looks like Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park have won!

 Support Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

The Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park have been short-listed for the Octavia Hill Award under the category of Wild Organisation

But they need your votes!

You can help by clicking this link then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Vote now!


Eastend Homes EGM – keeping up appearances – update

Update – 1st August 2014

On Thursday evening (31st  July 2014) the Eastend Homes Ltd EGM reconvened in Mile End with the same proposals for decision as last time (and the time before that and the EGM before that as well…) including the removal of residents rights to become company members. Rumours are out and about in the wild about the outcome. Given the implications of the decision for all residents on Eastend Homes Ltd estates you would think they would be keen to get the information out to residents who as we know are robustly situated at their heart but no. Not to be. Nothing on the website in the way of news.

Fear not as you could go to the residents open day today. Ask if the proposals to change the “rule book” (see here) are to be implemented after the stealth consultation.

Sorry shurlly shome mistake here as CEO Paul Bloss told the main Eastend Homes board in January this year that a full six months of consultation would take place. So that’s aright then we must have had a full and thorough consultations with a real chance to have a say just cos Paul said so!

So drop in to the Southern Grove Centre today for another Eastend Homes marketing stunt (that does not mean you might not enjoy it) I hope to be bumping into Andy Osborne the Eric and Treby Regeneration Manager in the face painting queue for an update on the “slippage” in completing the works on our estate. An in depth discussion on slippage and the point at which it become coagulatage.

Join the fun and games

You may be asked what Eastend Homes Ltd’s priorities should be for the new set of ‘local offers’ they and other LBTH landlords are hatching. How about honesty, timely reporting to residents and perhaps less of the top down, we know best narrative.
beachBanner Eastend Homes EGM   keeping up appearances   update

——–end of update—–

 Eastend Homes EGM   keeping up appearances   updateOn the 17th July East End Homes Ltd held an EGM. Under discussion were, we believe, changes to their governance arrangements. A lot of these changes are as a result of the recent HCA regulatory judgement downgrading East End Homes Ltd on governance issues See the recent report here. East End Homes Ltd would be advised to at least appear to be seen to be reacting to the HCA report.

This was the third time East End Homes Ltd has tried to hold an EGM (the previous two being abandoned after failing to reach a quorum). According to Article 12 of the possibly current (or possibly not but at least they were in place at the time of the meeting) Articles of Association it appears that at a third EGM attempt the meeting can go ahead just with those members present.

The proposed new Mems & Arts will remove a residents right to become a company member. (a right EEH maintained we never had until they had to publicly publish a “membership policy” in order to abolish it).

According to the Mems & Arts the membership policy has to be published so on 27th November 2012 a resident requested a copy of the policy. As a result on the 29th November 2012 in a flurry of activity the ever efficient Alex Bailey at East End Homes Ltd converted the policy into a PDF and it was very swiftly placed on the policy page of the East End Homes Ltd website so Peter Gibbs (Company Secretary) could that very afternoon write to the resident and tell him it was on the website (he did not mention that it had been there for almost over half an hour!)

We are still awaiting news of the outcome of the EGM and are keeping our ears to the ground to pick up the rumours circulating in the vacuum East End Homes Ltd create by not telling us anything!

One rumour we hear is that East End Homes Ltd are even refusing to tell the Council the results….. So in the absence of any news lets look at some past recent history

The disposal of Holland Estate to East End Homes Ltd received the attention of The Evening Standard. See the Andrew Gilligan story from 2007 about alleged housing choice voting fraud on Holland Estate.

….and below is what the Council told us East End Homes Ltd would be if they where given our Estates.

New community landlord takes shape

Plans for a new, Council sponsored, not-for-profit community landlord outlined in the last issue of Openhouse are taking shape. The Boroughwide Compact Group agreed a working name EastEndHomes for the new landlord at their last meeting.So what would the new organisation look like? Paul Bloss, Assistant Director of Housing, explains: “The main focus would be on local priorities – what local people want for their homes and estates.” The organisation would therefore have a group structure a single, borough wide organisation but allowing for a great deal of independence for individual estates. EastEndHomes would be community led. Residents would have a significant number of places on the main board of directors and a majority on the local boards, if this is what individual estates choose.The whole structure of the organisation will be designed to give local people genuine control over the way their estates are managed. Residents from each estate that opts to work with EastEndHomes will be able to choose how much local involvement and responsibility for the management of their homes that they wish to take on.“The organisation would be completely accountable to residents, and they would have real control over the services they receive,” explains Paul Bloss.
OpenHouse N8

The Government says you can Take Control

Department for Communities and Local Government The Government says you can Take Control

Tenants Leading Change w150 The Government says you can Take Control

Click for PDF

    New advice from the DCLG published on 17th July 2014

More information here



tenants leading change letter w150 The Government says you can Take Control

Letter from Stephen Williams MP

On the day when Eastend Homes were hoping to remove all the promises they made to residents about empowerment and involvement when setting up the “Council Sponsored RSL” the Department for Communities and Local Government have come out with this.

Manage where you live

You could help run your local housing services the way you want.

Over 70,000 households in England are run by tenant management organisations.

It’s been shown that residents are more satisfied. Better still, they make savings, which they can decide how to use for their community.

We (the DCLG)  have recently made the process easier, so many more tenants can take up their Right to Manage:

manage The Government says you can Take Control

There is more information about Right to Manage on GOV.UK or email DCLG’s tenant empowerment team at [email protected].

The Childwall Valley experience

“Childwall Valley Estate Management Board (EMB) was established in the 1990s by a group of Liverpool City Council tenants because we were concerned about the decline of our estate.

We used our Right to Manage and took over housing management in 2000. Since then the estate has been transformed. Repairs response and re-let times are outstanding, rent arrears and levels of anti-social behaviour are low. The EMB has also become a focus for all sorts of other community services and activities, restoring not just the physical fabric of our estate but also the pride of our local community.”

Joan Minard, Chair, Childwall Valley Estate Management Board, Liverpool.

Community cashback

Savings for the community.

You can earn cash for your community by managing services like cleaning or grass-cutting.

A community cashback agreement is a win-win:

For the landlord it can mean things go better because they have satisfied tenants who care about their property.

For tenants it means up to £3,000 to help you get started.

community payback The Government says you can Take Control

You can get more information about community cashback from NFTMO or TPAS.

Tenant cashback The savings are yours to keep. Ask your landlord if they offer a tenant cashback scheme. You could earn cash by organising your own repairs or doing it yourself.

You can read about other people’s experience of tenant cashback with landlords such as Bromford Group (links to pdf) and Home Group. Ask your landlord about their tenant cashback plans.

More information and useful contacts

Mile End Board Meeting

Now the Borough has found out who is riding high and who has been crushed beneath the grinding wheels of democracy you may wish to consider a trip to the local estate board meeting….

Have you had enough of all these voting shenanigans and talk of representation and democracy then this event is for you! ….. a vote free zone (as in no voting)


Election Results

At 9.55am Saturday morning the Mile End results came in. Shah Alam tops the poll with 2,315 for Tower Hamlets First. Labour’s David Edgar is second with 2,268 and Rachael Saunders squeezed back in in third place. Mohammed Shahid Ali for Tower Hamlets First came in soon after with 2,052. Motin-uz Zaman for Labour came a surprise fifth with 1801.

MILE END RESULTthumb up down Election Results

Election Candidate Party Votes %
Shah Alam Tower Hamlets First 2315 15.40% Elected
David Edgar Labour 2268 15.09% Elected
Rachael Saunders Labour 2139 14.23% Elected
Mohammed Shahid Ali Tower Hamlets First 2052 13.65% Not elected
Motin Uz-Zaman Labour 1801 11.98% Not elected
Mustak Syed Tower Hamlets First 1796 11.95% Not elected
Naomi Snowdon Conservative 597 3.97% Not elected
Mushtak Abdullah Conservative 571 3.80% Not elected
Andy Hallett Liberal Democrat 500 3.33% Not elected
Jewel Islam Conservative 446 2.97% Not elected
Hafiz Choudhury Independent 383 2.55% Not elected
Arzoo Miah Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 165 1.10% Not elected
share of votes ME Election Results

Share of the votes – Mile End

Full results from LBTH – 42 available seats

(Blackwall & Cubitt Town Ward did not take place on Thursday 22 May but will be decided at a by-election in the near future)


(click wards below
for detailed result)

Elected Candidates


Bethnal Green Amy Whitelock Gibbs Labour
Bethnal Green Shafiqul Haque Tower Hamlets First
Bethnal Green Sirajul Islam Labour
Bow East Amina Ali Labour
Bow East Marc Francis Labour
Bow East Rachel Blake Labour
Bow West Asma Begum Labour
Bow West Joshua Peck Labour
Bromley North Khales Uddin Ahmed Labour
Bromley North Mohammed Mufti Miah Tower Hamlets First
Bromley South Danny Hassell Labour
Bromley South Helal Uddin Labour
Canary Wharf Andrew George Wood Conservative
Canary Wharf Md. Maium Miah Tower Hamlets First
Island Gardens Andrew Cregan Labour
Island Gardens Peter Golds Conservative
Lansbury Ohid Ahmed Tower Hamlets First
Lansbury Rajib Ahmed Labour
Lansbury Shiria Khatun Labour
Limehouse Craig Aston Conservative
Mile End David Edgar Labour
Mile End Rachael Saunders Labour
Mile End Shah Alam  Tower Hamlets First 
Poplar Gulam Kibria Choudhury Tower Hamlets First
Shadwell Harun Miah Tower Hamlets First
Shadwell Rabina Khan Tower Hamlets First
Spitalfields & Banglatown Gulam Robbani Tower Hamlets First
Spitalfields & Banglatown Suluk Ahmed Tower Hamlets First
St Dunstan’s Ayas Miah Labour
St Dunstan’s Mahbub (Mamun) Alam Tower Hamlets First
St Katharine’s & Wapping Denise Jones Labour
St Katharine’s & Wapping Julia Louise Dockerill Conservative
St Peter’s Abjol Miah Tower Hamlets First
St Peter’s Clare Harrisson Labour
St Peter’s Muhammed Ansar Mustaquim Tower Hamlets First
Stepney Green Alibor Choudhury Tower Hamlets First
Stepney Green Oliur Rahman Tower Hamlets First
Weavers Abdul Chunu Mukit Labour
Weavers John Pierce Labour
Whitechapel Abdul Asad Tower Hamlets First
Whitechapel Aminur Khan Tower Hamlets First
Whitechapel Shahed Ali Tower Hamlets First

LR mayor w150 yellow Election Results

Result for LBTH Mayor

At around 2.30 am Saturday morning after a long day (& night) of counting Lutfur Rahman was declared Mayor of Tower Hamlets for a second term.

In the first preference count Lutfur Rahman polled 36,539 votes (43%) with John Biggs getting 27,643 (33%). As neither candidate reached over 50% the second preference votes were counted. In the second round of counting John Biggs managed to get 6,500 votes (88%) and Lutfur Rahman polled 856 (12%). So lets have a look at the score board……..

Final Result for the Mayor

Lutfur Rahman 37,395 votes

John Biggs 34,143

share 2nd Election Resultsshare 1st Election Results

Don’t Forget….VOTE (if you didn’t too late now)

Election of Borough Councillors for Mile End Ward will be held today, Thursday 22 May 2014, between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm. The number of Borough Councillors to be elected in Mile End is 3.

To find your polling station CLICK HERE and enter your address or postcode.

The ward boundaries have now been changed. British Street Estate has been exiled to Bromley North Ward. The new Mile End Ward now stretches down to the end of Burdett Road (scroll down for map). The total number of councilors to be elected in Tower Hamlets has been reduced to 45.

The names, home addresses and descriptions of the Candidates for Mile End – see below. 


Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any)
ABDULLAH Mushtak 92 Locksley Street, London. E14 7EJ The Conservative Party Candidate
ALAM Shah 12 Tunley Green, London. E14 7ER Tower Hamlets First
ALI Mohammed Shahid 18 Roffey Street, London. E14 3NH Tower Hamlets First
CHOUDHURY Hafiz 7 Bowry House, Wallwood Street, London. E14 7AG Independent
EDGAR David 98 Copenhagen Place,London. E14 7DE The Labour Party Candidate
HALLETT Andy 83 Brierly Gardens, E2 0TF Liberal Democrat
ISLAM Jewel 49 Derwent House. Southern Grove, London. E3 4PU The Conservative Party Candidate
MIAH Arzoo 30 Celandine Close, London. E14 7AY Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
SAUNDERS Rachael 34 Rutherford House. Brady Street, London, E1 5PS The Labour Party Candidate
SNOWDON Naomi 2 Blyth Close, London, E14 3DU The Conservative Party Candidate
SYED Muslak 14 Esk House, British Street, London. E3 4NL Tower Hamlets First
UZ-ZAMAN Motin 132 Ashfield Street, London. E1 3DD The Labour Party Candidate

Spring Fayre – Mile End

spring fair mera final w1000 Spring Fayre   Mile End
Fun filled day in Mile End Park

Featuring a bouncy castle, BBQ, kids games, crafts, bric-a-brac, football, cakes books and much more.

All proceeds go to a children’s centre in Johannesburg

Mile End Park Art Pavilion to become Wedding Venue

Tower Hamlets Council have decided that the Art Pavilion in Mile End Park is to be used for weddings instead of Art exhibitions every year from June to August inclusively and perhaps running into May and September.

A restricted report was considered by the King George’s Field Charity Board on the 29th of January in a meeting attended by only 3 of the 10 members of the board. They were Deputy Mayor Ohid Ahmed, Cabinet Member for Resources Alibor Choudhury and Cabinet Member for Environment Shahed Ali.

Mile+End+Art+Pavilion Mile End Park Art Pavilion to become Wedding Venue

Click here or image to go to Friends of Mile End Park website

For many years the Art Pavilion was underused, but for the last two years or so it has been transformed by a volunteer curator, so that more often than not, there are free public exhibitions on every week. All this is due to end from the 1st of April to allow the necessary building work to begin.

The Friends of Mile End Park were not consulted about this proposal and have a number of concerns about the loss of what has become a great free local art venue. You can read more details here.

If you have concerns regarding this change to the park please go along to the next Friends of Mile End Park Meeting on Thursday 10 April at 7.30 pm in the Eco Pavilion (as the Art Pavilion will be closed). Steve Murray, LBTH Head of Arts and Parks has confirmed he will attend.

Site watch…. 2014

icon fullscreen Site watch.... 2014icon qr code Site watch.... 2014
Eric and Treby Estate - Mile End - London E3

loading map - please wait...

Ennerdale House: 51.523698, -0.031017
Truck reversing - with no banksman - Ennerdale on 9th June 2010: 51.523836, -0.030991
Environmental Health stop work due to excessive dust: 51.523805, -0.032209
Skip burns out next to gas cylinders: 51.523971, -0.031318
Developers hoarding falls on residents car: 51.523536, -0.031141
Professional driver on phone while moving heavy vehicle in public area with load: 51.523744, -0.031629
Enlargement of Coniston car park without planning permission: 51.524877, -0.032026
Breached planning conditions contamination remediation: 51.524185, -0.032890
Remediation on open space 3: 51.523753, -0.032777
Excessive dust during concrete crushing - site 15: 51.523138, -0.032504
Excessive dust - a constant issue - Brockesley St - site 8: 51.525544, -0.030143
Telfords workers starting noisy work at 7 am: 51.523460, -0.031220
Eric Street double yellow lines: 51.523992, -0.033205
Well done EEH - keeping doors closed: 51.523005, -0.030624
Contractor Neglect: 51.525153, -0.031637
A rough guide to get started – zoom in or out if you want – click on the icons for more information
 Site watch.... 2014

How our estate was  before the developers

The Eastend Homes website seems to be floundering in HTML cut and paste land due to ongoing technical difficulties (Ongoing and still unresolved for the last ten months).

Their free (as in speech and beer) content management system “plone” is stuffed and seems to have lost its database, If you know the whereabouts of the EEH website database do not hesitate to contact.

It has been four years since permission was granted for the over-developement of the Eric, Treby & Brockesley Estates with private flats. So with the aid of the Google it may be an idea to recap on the events of the past 4 years. So have a look and click about on the Google map above – still a work in progress so further information will be added as time passes.

Stay tuned.

How to spend £170,000

CCCw539 How to spend £170,000

A new scheme has started which gives Tower Hamlets residents the power to decide how to spend £170,000 on improving communities across the borough. Each of the 17 wards in the borough has its own Community Ward Forum, run by residents. There will be a series of three meetings. The first to decide local priorities will take place this Friday.

The Community Ward Forum is tasked with deciding how to spend £10,000 on improving the Mile End East area. You can be a part of the decision making.

Meeting One – Priority Setting

Friday, December 13th @ 6.30 – 8.30pm

East London Tabernacle Baptist Church

Burdett Road

CCCw options How to spend £170,000