To Tenants of British Street, Eric, Treby, Brokesley and Bede Estates

18 May 2004
Housing Directorate
Housing Choice

Great Eastern Enterprise Centre Block D 3 Millharbour
London E14 9XP

Dear Resident,

Putting the record straight

I am writing to you all again in response to the continuing circulation of misinformation on parts of the estate.
  • I can assure all residents that the proposed transfer to EastendHomes DOES NOT involve any form of PFI. (Private Finance Initiative). There will not be “luxury flats” all over the estate. A small amount of redevelopment is proposed in areas where this will help counter anti social behaviour and where unpopular homes, mainly bedsitter flats will be replaced with new affordable homes for rent as well as for sale.
  • Rents will remain affordable and controlled. All Council and Registered Social Landlord (RSL) rents are calculated using the Government’s rent restructuring formula.
  • Rights and security are protected as part of the transfer agreement.
EastendHomes will be a not-for-profit social landlord controlled and monitored by the Housing Corporation who report to the Government. NO privatisation of the estate is involved.

All RSL’s set up by the Council in Tower Hamlets have delivered their promises, are financially sound and play a full and active part in providing good quality affordable accommodation for residents of Tower Hamlets.

Yours Sincerely

Maureen McEIeney

Director of Housing Management