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Mr O Whalley, Head of Planning & Building Control
LBTH Development & Renewal
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Date: 9 August 2010

Your Ref: ENF/10/00324

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Dear Mr Whalley,

Re: Eric &Treby Estates, Mile End, London
Breaches of Conditions attached to Planning Permission PA/09/02065

I refer to your letter dated 28th July 2010, to which, in the absence of Steve Inkpen, I reply at the request of Paul Bloss Chief Executive, EEH.

Thank you for your prompt reply with regards to the above matter. Before replying to the questions raised in your letter, I would reiterate that EastendHomes are dedicated to improving the estates transferred from LB of Tower Hamlets for the benefit of all residents, and that we work on a continuing basis to achieve these improvements, as demonstrated by the significant transformation of the adjoining British Estate which nears completion. Having researched the comments made in your letter, I would comment as follows:
  • EEH are disappointed that you are still being contacted by a small number of residents with regards to various matters. At all our recent consultation events on the estate, we have noted a considerable groundswell of opinion in favour of the regeneration of the estate, with most interest being expressed about when the Decent Homes works will commence. It is worthy of note that, in addition, there appears to be a small active group of individuals who are seeking to prevent any change within the estate.
  • We have spoken with Mark Parker, the Managing Director of Telford Homes Plc who are carrying out the new-build works, and reiterated the comments made in your letter and he has suggested that we should all meet and discuss the way forward. I am aware that he has endeavored to contact you to arrange a meeting, and has left his contact details for you to propose a suitable time. We hope that you will agree that a meeting of principals can only assist all our staff in being focused on the future success of the scheme.
Condition 3 - Land Contamination and Remediation
  • The first of the additional submissions has been made for Site 14, and is with your officers for approval, and shows the site as being uncontaminated.
  • Other areas are currently being tested.
Condition 4 - Service and Delivery Management Plan
  • Your comments are noted and we look forward to the clearing of this Condition and hope that you might be able to confirm when you anticipate this being achieved at our proposed meeting.
Condition 5 - Construction Management Plan
  • The Construction Management Plan which was submitted and refused was in the identical format to the one submitted and accepted when the Planning Application was made, and is in the same form as other approved CMPs for many schemes in Tower Hamlets.
  • Telford Homes have confirmed that, having responded to all previous requests for clarification from consultees, they submitted the revised CMP last week following further meetings with LBTH Planners, LBTH Highways, The Health and Safety Executive, and Telford Homes’ Group Safety Manager.
  • It has been agreed that lla Robertson of LBTH will, in Richard Murrell’s absence, start the consultation. In the interests of resolving matters promptly, I would be grateful for your early confirmation that the consultation has commenced.
Condition 11 Landscaping and Open Spaces
  • Your comments are noted and we also agree that it is “important to improve the quality of the public realm around the estate”
  • It is our understanding that all Landscaping matters are subject to the requirement to provide a full submission to clear the conditions and that these areas fall within that requirement. The submission will be made in due course.
  • We would like to discuss the timetable for this submission at our proposed meeting. We have been requested previously to consult with the residents, then discuss the proposals with LBTH Planning officers, before preparing and submitting a submission, and when approved, implement.
Whilst we are happy to follow this procedure, we are concerned that it could take 4 - 6 months, and we would hope to agree a way forward at the meeting.
Temporary Car Parking at Open Space 2
  • It would appear that we have inadvertently fallen foul of trying to satisfy the majority of residents by providing sufficient off-street car parking spaces upsetting some residents by failing to communicate the temporary nature of the car parking
We can only apologise to you, as we have done to our residents, and agree with your suggestion of making an Application for a Temporary Car Park.

I would hope you can see that EastendHomes take any concerns or criticism very seriously, and that we remain committed to delivering high quality improvements to benefit the residents of the estate for years to come.

I can confirm that the only works that are underway currently are in site preparation, testing and remediation and we look forward to meeting and resolving these matters to allow this excellent scheme to be delivered, along with the required Decent Homes works on the Eric & Treby Estates.

Yours sincerely,


Andy Osborne
Project Manager, EastendHomes

cc S Inkpen, DoR&S EEH
P Bloss, CEO EEH