Open House

Open House was produced by Tower
Hamlets Housing Services to keep residents informed on the
progress of Housing Choice.

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Open House Issue 1 – Aug 2001 (PDF 560k)

  1. Consultation Begins – picture the future
  2. Sue Benjamins looks forward to the challenges ahead Editorial
    – The choice is Yours
  3. The choices ahead Council loses out in housing finance system
  4. Improving the lettings Service Our friends in the North?




Open House Issue 2 – Sept 2001 (PDF 500k)

  1. Things can’t stay the way they are
  2. Taking Stock of our housing condition – Government Plans (a
    decent home for all) Editorial Keeping the options open
  3. Councillor David Edgar sets out options for the future
    Residents to decide referenda Stage Two
  4. Views of the borough-wide compact group Borough-wide Tenant
    Compact Election results



Open House Issue 3 – Oct 2001 (PDF 940k)

  1. Estate Referendum Proposals Revealed
  2. Tenants apply for Stepney Homes – Aiming to make the right
    moves Editorial: real opportunity – details of 5 Drop-in
  3. Looking at the options – your questions answered What will the
    choices be for tenants? Getting unbiased advice for residents
  4. New Tenant Compact Chair sets out his role for residents send
  5. YOUR views to CPT 20 Three Colt St. Limehouse E14 8HJ
  6. Who will you be voting with? – first proposals for referendum
  7. Areas 1-25
  8. Areas 26-47 & map
  9. Areas 48-49 & map
  10. Areas 50-83

Open House Issue 4 – Nov 2001 (PDF 730k)

  1. Take Your Time on Housing Choice
  2. Your Letters Free and Independent advice from PPCR 0800 317
    066(English) 0800 587 4559 (bengali) Editorial – more drop-in
  3. New finance rules will not help Tower Hamlets, says leader of
    the Council
  4. Drop in sessions answer tenants’ concerns Average rents at
    31st March 2003


Open House Issue 5 – Dec 2001 (PDF 730k)

  1. Countdown to the referendum Housing Minister comes to Tower
  2. Your letter(s) Your questions answered Editorial facing
    £590m shortfall comments by councillors David Edgar and
    Martin Young & more drop in details
  3. Leasholders Councillor Martin Young speaks out Leaseholder
    enfranchisement explained (contact Denise Kent on 020 7364 7014
  4. What Housing Choice means for Leaseholders Update on Lettings
    review New homes update What happens after the referendum?


Open House Issue 6 – Feb 2002 (PDF 700k)

  1. Don’t slam the door on the Future Antrim House and Cavan House
    bite the dust (picture)
  2. A letter from a leaseholder How the referedum will work
    Editorial – Don’t miss out + 6 Drop in surgeries including 4 by
  3. Your chance to tell the council what you want – Opinions from
    11 individuals 7 of whom were pictured
  4. Government gives thumbs up to Housing Choice New finance rules
    unveiled Referendum is not a vote to leave the council – diagram
    of stages 1-3
  5. Referendum areas confirmed 1 Aberfeldy -25 Lakeview / Lanfranc
  6. Areas 26 West Leopold / Burdett – 48 Granby / Hereford plus
    part of map
  7. Rest of map plus 49 Holland & 50 Mansford
  8. Areas 51 Newling – 88 East Leopold

Open House Issue 7 – Jun 2002 (PDF 500k)

  1. A big YES to housing choice stage 2 1-94 Cotall St to be
  2. Introducing the Registered Social Landlords (part 1) Bethnal
    Green & Victoria Park (BGVPHA)and Victoria Park Home
    Ownership (VPHO) – Spitalfiels HA – Peabody Trust – Old Ford HA
    – Toynbee HA – Poplar HARCA – LABO HA – Tower Hamlets Community
    Housing What happens now
  3. Council’s FREE disposal for unwanted cars Council to set up
    new community landlord Council borrowing rules to change – but
    no difference to Tower Hamlets
  4. New law ahead for tenants? Your letters The right way to have
    your say
  5. How Tenants voted : Aberfeldy – Greenways
  6. Holland – Withy House
  7. How Leaseholders voted: Aberfeldy – Bemer
  8. Birchfield – Crossways
  9. Cubitt Town – Horwood
  10. Island Gardens – Millwall
  11. Newling – Sidney Street North
  12. Sidney Street South – Withy House

Open House Issue 8 – Aug 2002 (PDF 800k)

  1. No hope for borrowing on council housing repairs – government
    plans for councils will not help Tower Hamlets
  2. Introducing the Registered Social Landlords (part 2) Circle 33
    Housing Trust – Southern Housing Group – Swan HA – Grand Union
    Housing Co-op – The Guinness Trust – Solon Co-op Housing
    Services – Mitali HA- William Sutton Trust
  3. Resource Centre opens New Community Landlord takes shape –
  4. Residents keep PPCR on board for independent Housing Choice
    advice (Borough-wide) Compact Group election results

Open House Issue 9 – Nov 2002 (PDF 900k)

  1. Housing report shows need for major repairs 80% of council
    homes need investment to meet ‘decent homes’ standard
  2. Housing Choice Stage 2 – estates start on the path to new
  3. Familiar face in a new role Facing up to repairs challange
    east end HOMES Plansfor community-led landlord
  4. Options for the future – your Housing Choice questions
    answered Resources galore for borough tenants


Open House Issue 10 – Feb 2003 (PDF 600k)

  1. First residents make their choice Five estates now have a
    social lanlord to work with on plans for their homes
    EastEndHomes – work gets underway
  2. Steering groups look to the future Editorial – Make a
  3. Borough residents take the opportunity to get involved in
    their estate steering groups Praise for Housing Choice What
    happens at Stage 3?
  4. Your important questions answered What are the options for
    tenant management?

Open House Issue 11- April 2003 (PDF 366k)

  1. Goverment plans mean change ahead Improvements are smashing –
    picture of Tarling House demolition
  2. Look at what’s on offer – THCH – Guinness
  3. what’s on offer – Peabody Trust Editorial – check out the
  4. What’s on offer – Toynbee HA Residents set the pace



Open house Issue 12 – July 2003 (PDF 149k)

  1. Housing Choice shifts up a gear Four more steering groups
    covering eight estates have chosen a preferred partner MP opens
    Wyn Garrett Resource Centre
  2. Find out more about Housing Choice Landlords Spitalfields HA –
    Swan HA Editorial Making a real difference Volunteers needed for
  3. Poplar HARCA – BGVPHA New interim Director of Housing
  4. Protecting your housing rights Frequently asked questions
    Change for the better

Open house Issue 13 – September 2003 (PDF 468k)

  1. It’s your estate keep up-to-date A towering success –
    Crossways Estate
  2. Find out more about Housing Coice Landlords Old Ford Solon
    Editorial: Housing Choice – Check out the benefits
  3. Southern Housing Group William Sutton Trust It’s Sanctuary for
  4. Housing Choice: a step by step guide to choosing an RSL
    Sticking their neck out Starting out – Mansford Estate Columbia
    Residents make their choice
  5. Housing Choice your questions answered
  6. One Estate’s experience of transfer Minerva Crossways
    consultation shop New Leaseholder rights bring new

Open house Issue 14 – December 2003 (PDF 317k)

  1. Housing Choice is on the right track – a new report In the
    market for information
  2. Tackling trouble – what the RSL’s Do Swan EastEndHomes
    Guinness Trust BGVPHA Editorial: make sure you get your Housing
    Choice information
  3. Housing Choice your questions answered
  4. More Estates make their choice giving residents the
    opportunity to have their say


Open house Issue 15 – March 2004 (PDF 336k)

  1. Government: no more money without change Housing Minister
    confirms that there will be no extra housing money unless
    councils accept govrnment options Dizzee (and friends) getting
  2. RSLs working to improve the quality of life for tenants Old
    Ford – Poplar HARCA – Sanctuary – BGVPA
  3. Housing Choice Your questions answered
  4. Leaseholders – Council revises policy on contributions towards
    repairs Guinness information base in Wapping Service charges for
    tenants – see where your money goes