Monthly archives: March 2011

Murder at Mile End: Have your say 2

IMPORTANT MESSAGE – We have emails from the Licensing Services Manager at LBTH that all personal information from any submission to the the committee will be redacted (ie deleted). So no personal information from comments will be in the public domain. LBTH say this policy has been in place for […]

Man Murdered in Mile End Sunday Morning – Boheme license suspended 129

On Tuesday 29th March at 17.30 the LBTH Licensing Sub Committee met to review the premise licence for the Boheme Club and the licence for the club has been suspended pending a full review within 28 days.  Below is a report by Andrew Jackson (Met Police Licensing Officer). Full document […]

‘Loweswater 12’ celebrate victory after attempt by EEH re-write homeowners’ contracts.

Without any prior consultation with residents, Tower Hamlets registered social landlord, East End Homes, applied to the housing court, LVT, to change the leases of homeowners in Loweswater House in Mile End. Loweswater leaseholders considered the proposals ominously significant and approached the Eastend Homes Leaseholders And Freeholders Association, (EEHLFA), for help. […]

St Clements Hospital – Help shape the future.

On Saturday 12th March 2011 local people had their first chance to have a say about what they want to see in happen in our area – and a most enjoyable event it was to. The East London Community Land Trust aims to acquire and develop the site of St […]