2011 – 2012 Leaseholders final service charges

Many thanks to EEHLFA for this article If you have any queries regarding your service charges and would like assistance please contact EEHLFA (EastEndHomes Leaseholders and Freeholders’ Association). The 2011 / 2012 final demand has a slightly different layout to last year, and we think makes some of the individual […]

Leaseholders – estate improvements – what to pay?

With a number of estate improvements/regeneration (and some might say over-development) going on we have been asked by some leaseholders if they have to pay towards estate improvements. The answer is it depends on what your lease says. Does your lease say you need to pay towards improvements? Generally their are two […]

Service charge demands for 2011/2012 have started to arrive

Final service charge demands for 2011/2012 have started to arrived from EastendHomes.  EEHLFA is reviewing some of these and putting comments on the EEHLFA website. Here are a few comments – more to be posted later Comment One – Administration Charge and Housing Management Charge One of the differences you […]

Recycle and Regenerate

 Regeneration meetings Another meeting for residents with EastendHomes’ regeneration reps will take place this Thursday 5 July in the portakabin on site 1, in between Derwent House and Ennerdale House. The time will be 6.30pm. Please tell your neighbours as it will not be advertised widely by EastendHomes themselves. They say […]

Out of the blue…. EastendHomes exploring partnership with THCH

Finally 4 days after the rest of the world the co-operation deal story breaks on In the vacuum created by lack of information given to residents from Mile Ends’ largest social landlord, EastendHomes, rumors have been around for a while that some kind of merger or co-operation deal was […]

Rubbish building up on……Bow Trinity 1

Eric & Treby…. … known as ‘Bow Trinity’ A quick run down on the rubbish on our Bow Trinity estate – now on fix my street. Click images for details. A selection of public realm problems building up on the Eric & Treby….….Bow Trinity Estate this Bank Holiday weekend. If […]

St Clements Hospital – Help shape the future.

On Saturday 12th March 2011 local people had their first chance to have a say about what they want to see in happen in our area – and a most enjoyable event it was to. The East London Community Land Trust aims to acquire and develop the site of St […]