Battle of Cable Street – 75th Anniversary 1

This event is to pay tribute to the courage of people who came together on 4 October 1936 to prevent Oswald Mosley and his fascist Blackshirts from marching though Cable Street which was, at the time, a predominantly Jewish area. The fascists were turned back by the community and this was a major victory which is being celebrated by this event. The event will pay tribute to those veterans who are still with us, and those whose memory we will recognise.

For further information click on the links below:-

Events on Saturday

Events on Sunday

Battle of Cable Street website

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One thought on “Battle of Cable Street – 75th Anniversary

  • George

    I understand that the Boheme venue at Mile End that was closed by a Court action following a murder and with its License taken away, has now reopened as Suede and is again playing lound music etc over the weekend without a license. Can something be done to stop this madness, enough is enough.