Shuffle Festival


Temporary fame for Ennerdale House

Have the lunatics taken over the Asylum?

Hardly…. but things have been happening on the site of the St Clements Hospital with the Shuffle Festival kicking off a program of events including a series of films curated by Danny Boyle heralding the opening up of the site which has been a mysterious and  often dark place to Mile End residents who did not work there or be unfortunate enough to be sent there.

Danny has been involved and supportive of the first urban land trust at Clems and is keen, along with the East London CLT, to hold Boris Johnson to his promise of a similar scheme on the Olympic site. The aim being to provide a truly affordable “housing product” for the people of East London

The St Clements Social Club headed by the “Meanwhile Uses Committee” of the CLT has pulled together an exciting programme of events which started full swing on the 8th August. Danny revealed last week in an article in The Standard that he used to live in Ennerdale House on Hamlets Way.

Meanwhile Uses Committee members Kate MacTiernan and Lizzy Daish have been the driving force behind the project but the list of those involve is literally as long as your arm.

  • Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (help and advice with planting schemes)
  •  Mile End Residents Association (Board members and local reps have helped with monitoring noise levels around the site)
  • Community Payback team (the grounds would not have been cleared without their help)
  • London Fire Brigade (the work they did to get the bow up last year  for the opening was phenomenal)
  • Dave Smith and Calum Green (ELCLT)
  • …… and many more. Names will be added…..soon…

Most of the Danny Boyle Q&A sessions are now sold out, but please feel welcome to drop in for a drink and a look around the site – open after 4.30pm most days .

This is a site where subject to the finalisation of the Section 106 agreement (a legal document which amongst other things ensures the amount of affordable housing) will result in 73 really affordable homes for local people and a social hub for all the community.

See  Danny Boyle talking about the site, the prospect of true community involvement, the festival and his future projects.

MERA proud partners


 In partnership with the East London Community Land Trust and associated development partners.

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