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Good news – the contracts for have St Clements Hospital have been signed and after years of waiting, the time has now come to stop talking about it and design some homes!

And so you are all invited to the first in a series of events which will see your ideas about space standards, possible fountains, shops in the front buildings perhaps, or play spaces for young people, and any other ideas you have be drawn up by professional architects and presented back to us all before we sign off on the final plans.

Click here to register for Thurs 29 November.  Download
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register for Saturday 1st December

Run over two days, the Community Planning Weekend will include tours of the site; an exhibition about how our ideas have already influenced the design; further discussion about which parts to keep and where to do new-build; specific workshops on connectivity with the surrounding estates, the Cemetery Park and the Bow Road; discussions about other potential uses in some parts such as local small business premises or shops, and detailed discussions on how our CLT homes should actually look.

No one is turned away, but if you want a coffee… Let us know you are coming

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