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Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park will be holding their annual spring festival this Sunday 6 May 11am – 4pm.

“Our Annual Family Fun Day, celebrating woodland crafts and local heritage. Join us in your best Victorian dress (optional) and take part in activities such as willow-weaving, green woodwork, and find out about Dickens’ east London.”

This event is celebration of woodland crafts and local heritage. These traditional crafts aren’t widely practiced and this event is a wonderful showcase for these crafts. This year we going to add a Dickensian twist to our event, and be part of the celebrations of the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens. We are planning to encourage visitors and exhibitors to dress in Victorian clothing. We are also planning some kind of public performance of a Dickens novel. The Park offers itself as a highly unique space in the Borough providing an event that isn’t seen anywhere else in the Borough.

MERA will have a stall like last year – pix here – and if you have any clothes, books, films or other valuables you are willing to part with we would love to have them to raise funds for the slender MERA money box.

Please bring your things down on the day – AND what would be even better: stay and sell your goods. Please let us know in advance if you are free to man the stall and what you will bring. email or call 079 03 06 0303

We will set up at about 10.30am – and the whole thing is set to close at 4pm.

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One thought on “Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park spring festival

  • Emily Hill

    Hi, very strange request I know, but at the festival either 2011 or 2010 I think. there was a man who had made new handles for old garden tools. Do you know who he is, as I would love to buy something from him.