Tower Hamlets Federation of TRAs is consulting on a Residents Charter



Tower Hamlets Federation of TRAs is consulting on a Residents Charter

The Charter will be formally agreed at a conference this Saturday before going to full LBTH Council on 16th May

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At its meeting on 27th February, Tower Hamlets Federation of Tenant and Resident Associations confirmed plans to launch a “Residents Charter” for the Borough.  The Charter sets out basic principles which the Borough’s Tenant and Resident Associations want Registered Providers (RPs) to adopt.

At the event there will be workshops based around the 5 themes spelling out the word cards  

 To book your place and lunch at this event email call or text 079 03 06 0303 or see­

Cards laid out


C ConsultationConsult us before important decisions are made that affect our homes. Explain how you have taken our views into account.
A Accountability
Make your structures and accounts transparent to all residents.
All Board and Estate Board meetings and their minutes should be open and accessible to the public (with the exception of confidential items only where necessary)
R Recognition
Recognise, encourage and support properly constituted, independent Tenant and Resident associations.
D Development
Discuss strategic planning issues and the disposal of public assets with residents, in public.
Take our views into account before implementing your proposals.
S Standards

  • Give proper consideration to access issues.
  • Grant secure and lifelong tenancies as the norm.
  • Support the campaign for a Living Rent.
  • Use eviction for rent arrears only as a last resort.

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