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In an important precedent-setting ruling an English judge declared that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets “acted unlawfully” when it gave the go-ahead for fast food takeaway “Fried & Fabulous”.

The judge said councillors had voted in favour of permission after being wrongly directed that they could not take account of the proximity of the local secondary school because it was not “a material planning consideration”.

The council will now have to reconsider any further planning application for a takeaway at the site in light of the ruling.

Full story on Planning Daily

While checking details for the planning conditions for Eric & Treby we have come across two applications concerning fast food outlets in Mile End

Kebab Shop

News Update – 566 Mile End Road application has been withdrawn for the moment – confirmed by LBTH planning.

Change of use application for 566 Mile End Road (under the Green Bridge) to a fast food outlet. This application claims “current economic climate” as a reason for the the change.

Read more here – PDF

The full application here – PA/10/00664

If you have any comments get them to LBTH planning email here

And here….. extended hours.


FFC on the Mile End Road has asked to extend its hours (to 08.00 – 03.30 on Friday and Saturday) The applicant claims they are responding to requests from students who “often require refreshment during the early hours…!”

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One thought on “Mile End – Fast Food News

  • peter

    I live in mile end and very close to FFC

    in my view there are plentyof chicken shops Iin mile end/stepney green, but FFC next to mile end station is without a doubt a contender for the best Chicken shop in the world. It’s fast friendly cheap and has a quality all over it.

    I’m in and around the station at all hours. I think this place should be 24 hours.