Hamlets Way – Ennerdale (and more) power cut

ennerdale power cut


Yesterday (Wednesday 13th February) Ennerdale House and surrounding blocks on Hamlets Way suffered severe disruption due to yet another power cut. The problems started at just before 4 am and included hilarious antics such as UK power operatives being trapped in the lift in the early hours by their own electrical faults. Also the not so hilarious and very dangerous situation when the ground floor lift door was left open with no lift. A single traffic cone was placed in front. Clearly unacceptable.

Many residents were without heating or drinking water for about 18 hours and lifts worked intermittently through the day. As the situation remained unresolved in the evening some vulnerable elderly residents from Windemere House were accommodated in unaffected homes on Eric Street until the problems were resolved.

Today UK Power said that the fault was caused by a faulty link box and could have been connected with the previous recent outage we had on the 25th January when a fuse blew at a sub station. This blown fuse could have been caused by the link box which was on its way out.

Long and the short of it is these cuts are happening too often. This we explained to UK Power customer relations who are looking into the possibility of compensation or “goodwill” payment. (Do not hold book that cruise yet)

Things were returned to normal (mains drinking water, reliable lifts and central heating) at around 9.00 PM.

On Thursday 14th residents were again without water while contractors renewed the booster pumps.

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