Licensing Authority – threats to residents

The TV Licensing Authority have been sending written threats to residents in the MERA area.

Questions need to be asked why the TV Licensing Authority sees fit to issue letters like the one below AFTER they have been told there is no TV on the premises.

In the absence of any proof that television signals are being viewed as they are broadcast , we’d like to know what the evidence is for sending letters like this one which was sent to a resident of Ennerdale House (the flat number has been redacted).  We’re also aware identical letters have been sent to other residents in the MERA area who do not have a television. The recipient of this “threatogram” said….

“Who do these people think they are! A man with a badge came round three weeks ago and I told him I do not have a telly”


Letter Threat!

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The letter says precisely NOTHING about what the person sent the letter can do if the assumption behind the letter is incorrect.

This is what the TV Licensing authority says about its standards of customer service in Our commitment to you.
Our customer service

  • We aim to deliver the highest standards of customer service.
  • We’ll be courteous at all times.
  • We’ll answer all calls, letters and emails quickly and politely.
  • We aim to get it right first time.
  • We’ll act fairly and consistently towards all customers within the terms of the law and policies governing the TV Licence. Visit Legislation and Policy for more information.
  • We’ll help customers find the method of payment that suits them.

The BBC was critisised recently following a Freedom of Information request revealed it paid  £13.5million on chasing unpaid licence fees over the past four years.

However, it refused to disclose how much it splashed out on “paper, ink, printing, finishing and enclosing” the letters, saying the service was sub-contracted to Communis Group.

This interesting blogspot spills a few beans

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