Mile End – Fast Food Shop – Final twist – application now invalid!!

Strange events today on the LBTH planning application web site. The application for change of use to a fast food outlet at 566 Mile End Road (see below) mysteriously disappeared mid afternoon on the last day of the public consultation period. A phone call to the duty planning officer at Anchorage House revealed that the application was “invalid” and that a letter had been sent to the applicant informing him. As I wasn’t the applicant I could not be given any more information. We later received news from the case officer that the application was invalid due to the Certificate of Ownership having been completed incorrectly. Any comments from this application will be held on file by planing and carried over to any similar re-application submitted in the future.

national child measurement programme

Click image to get LBTH report to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

City University School of Community and Health Sciences has found that in Tower Hamlets there are 41.8 junk food outlets to every school, this compares to the national average ratio of 25 outlets per school.

Imperial College London suggest in a new study published recently that fast food outlets could provide statin drugs free of charge so that customers can neutralise the heart disease dangers of fatty food,

Yet why are Tower Hamlets Council still even considering further fast food outlets in the Borough.

On 27th Apr 2010 an application for change of use from shop (A1) to hot food takeaway (A5) was submitted to LBTH for 566 Mile End Road. This was withdrawn by the applicant on 18th June 2010. It is interesting to note that after the end of the consultation period for this application the Guardian Angels Primary School nearby new nothing of the proposed fast food outlet. Remember this was set against the background of the important precedent-setting ruling when an English judge declared that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets “acted unlawfully” when it gave the go-ahead for fast food takeaway “Fried & Fabulous”on Cable Street.

Well the “566” application is back with documents added on the LBTH website this weekend – see here PA/10/01611 .

The applicant claims in the impact statement that “As the retail unit is not financially viable to operate under the current economic climate. The new hot food takeaway with enhance the character, vitality and viability of the area and street” (not my typos).

Useful reading:-

A report from the London Metropolitan University.

Fast Food Outlets in Tower Hamlets and the Provision of Healthier Food Choices

Report of the LBTH Scrutiny Review Working Group on Reducing Childhood Obesity increasing the ability of healthy choices to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee – May 2010

I am sure this new shop will add to the “vibrant town centre” of Mile End like an over microwaved tub of Pot Noodles….. so lets look forward to the hum of charging defibrillators. Any comments on this change of use application should be sent to:-

Adam Williams
The Planning Office
Mulberry Place (AH)
PO Box 55739
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BE

Quote planning application PA/10/01611

Or email the case officer Adam Williams at

16 food outlets classified as A5 (fast food take away) in the Mlle End Area

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