‘Recycle right!’ sometimes better out than in 1

Mr recyclemore tower hamletsTower Hamlets are trying to encourage residents to consider the materials they recycle through the launch of a new recycling campaign – ‘Recycle right!’ (now old campaign but a peek into recycle bins round Mile End indicates remedial action is still needed)

Run by Tower Hamlets Council and Veolia Environmental Services, the ‘Recycle right!’ campaign raises awareness about the proper use of the purple recycling bins and the correct way to dispose of food waste, nappies and black bags.

Recycling the right thing is really important. Most people separate their rubbish carefully and make good use of the recycling service. However, not all the recycling collected from the purple bins or pink sacks can always be used as they contain unwanted items that can’t be recycled such as food, clothes and nappies. These items can result in whole lorry loads of recycling being rejected.


All these items can be recycled

Rejected loads must be sent for disposal, which spoils the efforts of those residents who recycle correctly and costs more money.

Tower Hamlets is one of the top performing inner London boroughs for dry recycling material collected, but there is still more to be done. Just putting rubbish in to the right bin can help the council to collect good, clean recycling and increase the recycling rate even more.

Tower Hamlets Council can collect plastic bottles, pot, tubs and trays, food and drink cartons, glass bottles and jars, mixed paper, food and drink cans, telephone directories, aerosols and mixed card.

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One thought on “‘Recycle right!’ sometimes better out than in

  • Ab

    The 2 recycling bins at Ennerdale house are overflowing with black bags and even suitcases.
    No other normal household rubbish silver bin provided, even though all the other blocks on the estate have one that is easily accessible , regardless of whether they have a chute or not.
    What makes Ennerdale different?
    The result is people efforts in recycling are proving to be a waste of time as all contaminated and will result in people not wishing to bother anymore.