TFL Start Mile End Crossing Works

Work started yesterday (23/08) on changes to the pedestrian crossing at Mile End station. This stretch of road has seen a number of accidents including the tragic death of trainee barrister Victoria Johnson last year. MERA have been in contact with TFL to ask them which who they consulted on the scheme. We pointed out that perhaps a more holistic approach to the entire section on road from Tescos to Mile End station would be a more suitable approach. To consider a solution at one precise point is pointless if not considered in the wider context of the management of traffic along a very dangerous stretch of road.

Mile End Bus

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There are many ways in which this stretch of road can be made MUCH SAFER for all concerned – but it appears TfL is not interested in hearing the views of local people – even though we live here.

TFL told us “be assured that all parts of the scheme have been designed to increase pedestrian safety”.

The plans (PDF download here 230kb) involve:-

  • Removal of pedestrian guard rails.
  • A new pedestrian crossing on Mile End Road, outside Mile End station, which TFL claim will help to prevent accidents and provide a safer crossing for pedestrians.
  • One the current three westbound lanes will be removed before the crossing and the central reserve widened. Currently the road opens into three lanes before the crossing (for right turning traffic).
  • The crossing will be upgraded to a ‘puffin’ crossing, which has detectors in the roadway to ensure traffic is not given a green light until all pedestrians have crossed the road.
  • This means the flashing amber signal for motorists can be removed, with the signals for road traffic changing directly from green to red.
  • Cycle racks for 50 bicycles will also be provided in the widened central reservation.

Mile End Crossing

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