EastendHomes Leaseholders in Mile End

The Mile End East Leaseholders Association was started at a residents meeting on the 13 August as part of EEHFLA – a borough wide group of Eastendhomes Leaseholders from Island Garden, St Georges, Glamis, Mile End East and Holland Estates.

An opportunity for Leaseholders to work together to achieve justice and fair charges.
Click here – news on “The Wharf” website from November last year.


Yes! – click here to contact EEHLFA .

EEHLFA FIRST AGM was held on Thursday 29th April 2010 at The East London Tabernacle, Burdett Road, Mile End

For the first time we have a strong, unified voice to take forward a joint campaign to bring about real change for leaseholders and freeholders on all EastendHomes estates.

Now that all launch meetings have been held on all EEH estates in the borough, the AGM was held on the 29th April to elect an official Committee at the East London Tabernacle in Mile End – Also attending were parliamentary candidates from:-

  • Conservative – Tim Archer
  • Liberal Democrat – Jonathan Fryer
  • Respect – George Galloway

Officers of the Committee Elected:

  • Chair – Gloria Thienel
  • Vice Chair – Jan Anstey-Hayes
  • Treasurer – Ares Zaimes
  • Secretary – Jill Strudwick

Management Committee Elected:

  • Glamis: John Wright, Janet Steward, Desmond Ellerbeck
  • Holland: Valeria Stangoni, Yolanda de los Bueis
  • Island Gardens: Jasmin Islam, Lorraine Pitcher, Lillian Murray, Roy Pitcher
  • Mile End: Stanley Langlais
  • St George’s: Debbie Pemberton *

* exact details still to be confirmed. Further nominations can be made at a later date.

Further details please email EEHLFA@aol.com or call 07943 373699.

EEHLFA is concerned about:

  • The level of increases in service charges for leaseholders
  • Lack of clear, transparent and accurate bills for charges to leaseholders
  • Lack of ground rent demands
  • Lack of a clear and well understood complaints procedure
  • Lack of clarity around proposed developments on EastendHomes estates and the likely cost and benefit to leaseholders
  • Problems of anti-social behaviour going unchecked on EastendHomes estates
  • the nature of the relationship between the Leaseholders Association and Eastend Homes and the lack of any investment on the part of EastendHomes in maintaining a relationship with leaseholders

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