Out of the blue…. EastendHomes exploring partnership with THCH

Finally 4 days after the rest of the world the co-operation deal story breaks on eastendhomes.net

In the vacuum created by lack of information given to residents from Mile Ends’ largest social landlord, EastendHomes, rumors have been around for a while that some kind of merger or co-operation deal was in the pipeline. This could prove to be good business sense in the current economic climate.  Of course EEH residents are the last to know and  get to read about the news on third party websites (see 24dash.com , thch.org.uk, eastlondonadvertiser.co.uk and insidehousing.co.uk) The Eastendhomes website caught up with the rest of the world on Tuesday afternoon.

Residents could perhaps begin to wonder what EastendHomes are hatching behind the scenes. Why the veil of secrecy? How committed are they to their stated values…

 “EastendHomes believes residents should be empowered to have a full say in how their homes and communities are managed and communities supported.”

Well the truth is probably more to do with cock up rather than conspiracy, though to be sure some conspiring does go on as it does every where. EastendHomes do seem at times to have a chinese water torture approach to the selected drops of information they let drizzle out to their customers.

Did you know that EEH formally served notice on the EEHLFA (EastendHomes Leaseholder & Freeholder Association) recognition agreement last January just over one year after it was signed.

Do you know that EEH is currently in the process of developing a new Tenancy Policy. They have a questionnaire on their website here. Also as part if the consultation they propose to telephone 150 people. Of course to make this a valid consultation EEH will need to empower residents with a crash course in Localism and the wider implications of the proposed changes being implemented by the present government.

Did you know EEH has a Resident Scrutiny Panel with two residents from Mile End East on it.

….and what happened to the promised democratic election for residents on Eric and Treby to the Mile End Board  due before Christmas. Any news?

Not a sausage. Does make one wonder if the organisation are really taking their stated commitment to “develop their residents involvement framework and enhance their Tenant and Leaseholder participation” seriously.

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