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Site 1 building site

 Regeneration meetings

Another meeting for residents with EastendHomes’ regeneration reps will take place this Thursday 5 July in the portakabin on site 1, in between Derwent House and Ennerdale House. The time will be 6.30pm.

Please tell your neighbours as it will not be advertised widely by EastendHomes themselves. They say it’s mainly for ‘reps’ but don’t be put off by that, all residents can attend and input – this includes non-EastendHomes residents.

Some points raised at the last meeting, 30 May:

  • Dissatisfaction by residents about lack of information from EastendHomes about the sudden closure of estate paths; residents would have been more understanding if notice had been given.
  • Some VERY noisy works undertaken by British Gas at 6am and 8am on a Saturday and Sunday (picture here).
  • In spite of residents’ explicit campaign against galvanised fencing, EastendHomes have insisted on putting up a galvanised fence (Southern Grove community centre). The space between the fence and the building is now full of rubbish (as predicted). In addition, Telford have blocked off access for caretakers to clean it up. It will forever act as a rubbish bin (see picture on right).
  • Any snags that need doing after the Mulalley works – residents to please report to EastendHomes; Mulalley will return and fix all in one go.

New lifts for Ennerdale are considered by EastendHomes as ‘a priority’ but still no date set, not even an approximate date.

The persistent urination in the lift was discussed, EastendHomes have looked at CCTV, police have patrolled, but the slack handling of the issue is on-going. ‘It happens when EastendHomes are off duty.

Examples of plastic recyclables

Recycling – plastic news

Now the Council can recycle more kinds of hard plastic, not just plastic bottles (which has been the rule so far) – pretty big news!

We can now add yogurt pots, fruit punnets, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs, and even plastic flower pots. See picture on right for some examples.

2 simple rules:

  • HARD plastic only – still not the flimsy crackling plastic that some food is wrapped in, and no polystyrene (the white squeaky stuff used for packaging of e.g. electronic goods and furniture to protect them, and coffee cups).
  • AND please rinse out all containers. If they contain greasy food such as margarine, perhaps give them a wipe with kitchen roll before rinsing or washing them out. If very greasy general rubbish.

Everything that goes into pink sacks or recycling containers must be dry and with no grease or food. Click the link for a useful A-Z recycling guide

Recycling fact: a plastic bottle can be recycled indefinitely!

The new plastic rules will significantly reduce the amount of rubbish we put down the chutes or into communal bins – and so reduce the amount that goes into landfill.
Please do not contaminate the recycling containers with rubbish or supermarket bags – be kind enough to consider the effort made by others


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