560 – 562 Mile End Road – Redevelopment Proposals 5

Bestzone Ltd, part of the Galiard (Group) Ltd have an invitation for you. They would like to show you the plans they have come up with to build over the former Vogue Cinema at 562 Mile End Road. The former infamous Boheme nightclub.

An application submitted to LBTH in 2007 (PA/07/01723) talks of a building of up to 30 floors. Below are the ideas we were shown at the Ecology Centre on Grove Road from 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm today 30th September. The revised plans have been reduced down to 15 floors from the 2007 scheme.


View looking up Burdett Road towards Mile End Road

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5 thoughts on “560 – 562 Mile End Road – Redevelopment Proposals

  • Johnjee

    I have extremely fond memories of Benjys. It was a great, fun atmosphere. I am not sure what I think about this? I have read about the history of the buildings and know when my mum and dad were courting they went there. But people do need somewhere to live and from an eco point of view a tower block near a tube station should reduce car use.

    The idea of building a tower block just above all those tube lines might lead to more problems with line closures.

  • meresident

    Mile End’s Boheme or Vogue cinema should not be demolished – it shouldn’t be a nightclub again, but it could be renovated as a cinema. And a good architect could design an imaginative new infill development on the open triangle of land at the side, facing Burdett Road. The later post office and mini cab buildings are probably not worth saving, so those could be demolished and added onto the yard site. Whatever was put there, a restaurant, gallery, community space, it could be something for everybody. (Post office is moving anyway.) The Backstreet club should stay as it is part of the original Boheme. The Backstreet club web site has pictures of the old cinema, dining rooms and ballroom: //thebackstreet.com/gallery_beforebackst.shtml

    The buildings are even older than the 1920’s though, 100 years older at least, and were rather grand houses on Mile End Road. The development here has always been low level – look at the other side of the road, with its villa corner building and Keatons next to it.

    People may need somewhere to live but Mile End and Bow is already overpopulated with the added QMUL student population. There are not enough schools and doctors here and the fire and police stations are being axed. There are sites where a tower block is more appropriate and would address the problem of housing. Bestzone Ltd or Galliard Homes only want to build here on the corner so they can make as much money as possible and that means a block with as many flats for sale as possible and built to tower as high as possible over Mile End for views over the park and canal to charge more money. They will also obliterate local historic buildings to do it.

    Surely Galliard Homes are not in the least interested in the housing problem when they sell their flats off-plan in the Far East? They just did this for their ‘Capital Towers’ development near the Olympic Park and promised Kuala Lumpur property investors that the 191 flats would not have any social housing. Hardly the people to trust with this very recent record:

    • admin Post author

      No – the man from Galliard Homes at the Exhibition (I am glad they did not attempt to call it a consultation) said it was early days yet. We will keep our ears and eyes open.