Beatrice Tate School – News 7

Dear Residents,


This is our seventh residents’ newsletter which will give you an update on the Beatrice Tate School project.The elevations and the roof of the building are now watertight. The windows, doors, brick facades, external render are nearly complete.

Internally, the finishes are progressing well along with the mechanical and electrical works. Landscaping is due to start in May.

Bouygues UK in collaboration with Beatrice Tate School staff and the Local Authority are now preparing the handover of the school for the end of August.

Our website will provide you with more information about our work at Beatrice Tate School and in the borough: http://www.bouygues-proiects.co.uk/tower-hamlets-bsf

For your information, all newsletters are available on the above website and displayed on the hoarding for your reference.

Bouygues UK would like to thank you for your support during the building works at Beatrice Tate School. If you would like to talk to us about anything relating to this project, please contact us through our 24-hour helpline number on: 08445736460

Victor Soulie (Site manager)