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From Victor Soulié (Site manager)

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Dear Residents,

This is our third resident newsletter which will give you an overview of the construction progress at Beatrice Tate School.

The demolition of all existing buildings is complete. The main building (Poplar Day Centre) has been entirely broken down; the rubble has been crushed and will be recycled to create a hard core base for the new building.

The two old boiler houses adjacent to the gardens of Brokesley Street have also been taken down. The boundary wall has been fully retained but some remedial works are still to be done to the Hamlets Way elevation.

Civil works are currently on going on site. Concrete foundations for the new building are being poured and the steel structures will be erected over the next few weeks.

Our website will provide you with more information about our work at Beatrice Tate School:

Also, we are keen to know more about local community projects and how we may be able to assist. If you have something in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Victor Soulié (Site manager)

Considerate Constructors Scheme


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