East End Homes – Stealth Consultation – Stealth Changes

East End Homes have been “consulting” on a change to the way it is run which will write residents out of its structures? It was a very quiet “consultation”.

A stealth consultation.

Under the changes, East End Homes wants to stop residents being members of the East End Homes company – and thereby stop them having the right to go to the AGM and have a say.

Many Eastend Homes residents say “So what is different? What will change?”  This is because Eastend Homes never told residents of their rights in the first place – now they want to remove the rights most people didn’t know they had!.

To take away these rights first they have to publish a membership policy – which they did at the end of last year (7 years late) in a far corner off the EEH website – read the policy here

The documents they wish to change are the Memorandum and Articles of the company – a hairball of unintelligible legal jargon even if English is your first language.

(A Lot of) Further reading

  • Read what Paul Bloss (ex LBTH housing official  – ex leader of the Housing Choice programme – ex Shadow Chief Executive of Eastend Homes now CEO of EeH said to LBTH Council to get them to agree to back Eastend Homes as a landlord – the full report here



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  • Dear Mile End East Board,

    As a resident and user of the cultural centre I would like an enquiry as to why certain BECC committee members who were made to resign from the last committee are currently serving on the current committee.

    Is there an alternative to an election if the end result is a failure in terms of:

    *team work
    *lack of quality assurance
    *lack of transparency
    *lack of accountability

    Should some with conflict of interest be serving in key positions?

    Yours sincerely

    A currently serving committee member