Eastend Homes and the rulebook

memorandum_arts-articles_w250Eastend Homes residents may have noticed in last weeks informative spring newsletter (page 5) that EEH proposes to close its membership……  when was it ever open you may ask.

Well in theory it always has been but they never made an effort to tell you.

Way back when Paul Bloss (now EEH Chief Executive Officer) was beavering away in the council housing department he came up with the idea that, like some that had gone before him, he would like to start a housing association.

At the end of 2002 he produced a report for cabinet called  EastEndHomes – Objects and Articles of Association which contained the words:

Membership of the company will be open to all tenants and leaseholders of EastEndHomes. The liability of members will be limited by the Memorandum of Association to a minimal sum. This is usually £1“. Read the report here

The first hint that Eastend Homes was a membership organisation appeared on the EEH website at the end of last November – 10 years later – tucked away on their policy page. (Read the policy here) Well it makes sense doesn’t it to be able to consult with residents on changes to a policy it has to publicly exist.

Truth is EEH always has been a membership organisation as Paul Bloss stated in the proposals to Cabinet for a “new council sponsored RSL“.

In the newsletter last week EEH say that the “current and proposed versions of these documents are available through  the EastendHomes web-site“. Well at one o’clock on Thursday they finally arrived on-line – we are sure they will make interesting reading. Click the links below:

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