Eastend Homes EGM – keeping up appearances – update

Update – 1st August 2014

On Thursday evening (31st  July 2014) the Eastend Homes Ltd EGM reconvened in Mile End with the same proposals for decision as last time (and the time before that and the EGM before that as well…) including the removal of residents rights to become company members. Rumours are out and about in the wild about the outcome. Given the implications of the decision for all residents on Eastend Homes Ltd estates you would think they would be keen to get the information out to residents who as we know are robustly situated at their heart but no. Not to be. Nothing on the website in the way of news.

Fear not as you could go to the residents open day today. Ask if the proposals to change the “rule book” (see here) are to be implemented after the stealth consultation.

Sorry shurlly shome mistake here as CEO Paul Bloss told the main Eastend Homes board in January this year that a full six months of consultation would take place. So that’s aright then we must have had a full and thorough consultations with a real chance to have a say just cos Paul said so!

So drop in to the Southern Grove Centre today for another Eastend Homes marketing stunt (that does not mean you might not enjoy it) I hope to be bumping into Andy Osborne the Eric and Treby Regeneration Manager in the face painting queue for an update on the “slippage” in completing the works on our estate. An in depth discussion on slippage and the point at which it become coagulatage.

Join the fun and games

You may be asked what Eastend Homes Ltd’s priorities should be for the new set of ‘local offers’ they and other LBTH landlords are hatching. How about honesty, timely reporting to residents and perhaps less of the top down, we know best narrative.

——–end of update—–

Dark CloudsOn the 17th July East End Homes Ltd held an EGM. Under discussion were, we believe, changes to their governance arrangements. A lot of these changes are as a result of the recent HCA regulatory judgement downgrading East End Homes Ltd on governance issues See the recent report here. East End Homes Ltd would be advised to at least appear to be seen to be reacting to the HCA report.

This was the third time East End Homes Ltd has tried to hold an EGM (the previous two being abandoned after failing to reach a quorum). According to Article 12 of the possibly current (or possibly not but at least they were in place at the time of the meeting) Articles of Association it appears that at a third EGM attempt the meeting can go ahead just with those members present.

The proposed new Mems & Arts will rePaul Blossmove a residents right to become a company member. (a right EEH maintained we never had until they had to publicly publish a “membership policy” in order to abolish it).

According to the Mems & Arts the membership policy has to be published so on 27th November 2012 a resident requested a copy of the policy. As a result on the 29th November 2012 in a flurry of activity the ever efficient Alex Bailey at East End Homes Ltd converted the policy into a PDF and it was very swiftly placed on the policy page of the East End Homes Ltd website so Peter Gibbs (Company Secretary) could that very afternoon write to the resident and tell him it was on the website (he did not mention that it had been there for almost over half an hour!)

We are still awaiting news of the outcome of the EGM and are keeping our ears to the ground to pick up the rumours circulating in the vacuum East End Homes Ltd create by not telling us anything!

One rumour we hear is that East End Homes Ltd are even refusing to tell the Council the results….. So in the absence of any news lets look at some past recent history

The disposal of Holland Estate to East End Homes Ltd received the attention of The Evening Standard. See the Andrew Gilligan story from 2007 about alleged housing choice voting fraud on Holland Estate.

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