EastendHomes self-assessment for TPAS

Way back in November 2010 EastendHomes commissioned TPAS consultancy to assess the quality of their Resident Involvement  arrangements. This was a self assessment exercise conducted by EastendHomes and they also provided supporting information.

The TPAS Independent Desktop analysis of EastendHomes self-assessment and documentary evidence was conducted by the TPAS Team of Consultancy Managers included Oonah Laceyand Gillian Mclaren.

This will allow EastendHomes to join the exclusive “TPAS Accredited Club” where accredited landlords and contractors can:-

  • Share examples of best practice
  • Receive updates about the latest accreditation standards
  • Communicate with fellow accreditees through a dedicated forum
  • Share documents, images and videos
  • Post questions and receive responses from other members and TPAS consultants

Launched on 1st April 2011 The TPAS Accredited Club is a sort of Facebook for TPAS approved landlords and contractors.

Jon Warnock TPAS FacebookI for one am really excited by the prospect. Being able to share best practice or post and answer queries with a club of the best performing landlords and contractors in the country.

………said Jon Warnock (Head of Consultancy at TPAS) on the exclusive accredited landlords and contractors site.

Read what he has to say on how to make tenant involvement meaningful (click the link)


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