Eastend Homes – Densification

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Estate Densification
“Part of a master planning exercise undertaken at the time of the estate transfers identified the potential for some additional ‘infill’ units to be constructed on the Bede and Eric estates”.

from Eastend Homes Corporate Plan 2014/19

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So yesterday (Saturday 23 May) after over 10 years they finally told us in the Eric & Treby Estates News what they they intend to do.

This will be the conversion of the disused garages and empty spaces at Windermere House and Wentworth Mews and the building of two extra floors on the roof of Windermere.

In the Newsletter Eastend Homes go on to say….

“Initial discussions have been held with your resident-led Mile End Estate Management Board”

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This is not exactly true. We have known for a while about the idea of converting the garages but the building on the roof of Windermere has never been mentioned. It was only when a resident brought up the issue of building on the Windermere roof was it touched on at the Mile End Estate Management Board very briefly at with no “discussion”. More from the Corporate Plan……

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“Initial appraisal work suggests that a pilot scheme consisting of 45 units with 14 social housing units could be developed”.


“If this initial scheme progresses successfully it would provide a potential model for increasing densities and supply throughout EastendHomes stock“.

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  • “Initial discussions have been held with your resident-led Mile End Estate Management Board”. How dare EEH keep using this "Resident led" mantra! EEH have never, or ever will be resident led.

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if there was anyone here that I can speak to about the area development?


  • There must be a limit to the number of people that can be squeezed into an area. There is a limit on the number of school places, doctor facility etc. In Mile End all these are being pushed beyond their limit so how can the council consider allowing even more “densification” of the area.

    Mile End Park was created as it was recognised the benefits of open space to the health of local residents. EEH have built on most of the available space that Tower Hamlets left when building the original flats, now EEH are looking to squeeze extra flats above existing residents, further impacting on the quality of life of local residents.

    The diagrams show no consideration of the style of the existing buildings – the proposal for the flats on top of Windermere look like Port-A-Cabins placed on top of the existing building. If these must be there why is there no consideration for the style and colour of the brick of the existing building?

    Residents should consider –

    That this build would be subject to the party wall agreement – includes floors / ceilings – and individual party wall agreements should be put in place with at least all the top floor flats.

    That a build of this nature will almost certainly require full scaffolding of the block – this is not very pleasant for existing residents.
    A number of mortgage lenders will not lend on a flat in a block with more than five floors (inc ground) and this may impact on existing leaseholders’ ability to re-mortgage or sell in the future.

    How will this impact on future service charges for leaseholders?

    How will the new flats be managed? Other private new builds, including Browning Apartments rented by EEH at market rent, have been handed to a local estate agent to manage – will this happen with these and how will that work with the residents of Windermere.

    There needs to be full consultation with residents and leaseholders of Windermere and proper account taken of their views.

  • All along we have known that Eastend Homes care nothing for residents. A law unto themselves. All their priority had been is to see how many private flats on estates meant for Social Housing they and their mates at Telford Homes. Does any of the monies from the sale of the private property appear to improve the estates.10 years on nothing is seen.

    • No indeed Glo they do not care.... When we stopped laughing I did a quick revisit of the planning application for Eric & Treby. Yet to be checked for total accuracy (now checked) but we had 50 new social rent homes built. But 1-14 Brokesley - 14 demolished, 106-128 Hamlets Way - 12 demolished, 1-7 Burdett Road - 3 demolished.... I make that 29 gone. 50 - 29 = 21. So 21 additional social rent homes for a cash injection of nearly £8 million of public money from the HCA er... over £380,000 for each net additional social rent unit..... G&Ts all round at Telford HQ. The original ideas from Eastend Homes had only 19 additional social rent homes. This application was rejected by LBTH Stratigic Planning Committee.