EastendHomes galvanise the community

Galvanised steel fencing in red

Plans for our open spaces finally public – see links below.

Condition 11 – scheme of landscaping (that is our open amenity space) of the Planning Permission for the Eric & Treby Estates should have been passed before the first of the new build flats were occupied.

It also states that no more than 169 of the approved new dwellings shall be occupied until hard and soft landscaping has been completed in accordance with the approved scheme.

Reason:–  To contribute to the visual amenity of the area and to ensure that the open spaces and amenity spaces are of a high quality.

Perhaps it would be a good idea not to hold the EastendHomes regeneration team to this timescale as the last thing we want on our Estates is a bodge job like the first attempts at treating open space on the British Street Estate.

The first attempt to discharge this condition on Eric & Treby resulted in the plans being returned to the architects as they had not indicated where lights in our public spaces would go. Also they had failed to provide sufficient seating and waste bins. If they had looked at the approved plans passed by the Development Committee and actually read the details of condition 11 this would have been apparent.

“Commissioned lighting” from D W Windsor as shown in the planning application

Cheap bland lights installed in Wentworth Mews car park

The original landscaping  scheme was sent to the council for approval on 7th September 2011. These were returned to the architects who resubmitted revised plans 8 months later on 29th May 2012.

We shall have a good look through these plans and let you know what the changes are. You can find links to them below. Click here to see full list

At first glance there still seems to be an abundance of galvanised railings. Something residents said they wanted kept to a minimum.

Gone are the elegant “contemporary style” street lights featuring a “Monaro” head fitting with a spike which appeared in the plans passed by the Development Committee. (see left).  Instead we now have a cheap alternative with a plastic lamp on a galvanised scaffold pole.

Another change, around our amenity space near Treby Street, is the removal of the original black painted fence and a reduction in the children’s play equipment. Gone are the “Playdale” stepping logs, intertwine and striding stilts. A further small saving for EastendHomes after the massive cut (sorry reform) when they decided to not use the more traditional play space design featured in the approved plans. That was the plan with the child head friendly geo-textile mating base then rubber tiles at £72 for just one square metre and the more traditional playground furniture (with one small traditional slide at £3.551.

For some background reading please see The real art of consultation (featuring the inadvertently™ laid out slightly larger than approved  car parks) and So… What’s it worth? from our archives.

This is the piece of land outside our new community centre on Southern Grove as it is now. In the plans approved by the LBTH Development Comittee this is supposed to be “public open space” (see plan F528/PO/07-B – pdf)
With a little imagination how the area could look with grass rather than the generic (cheap) option. Leaving options open for use by residents on our estates in the future. After all it is our public open space. Also in the plans re-submitted the developers intend to get rid of the original black painted railings around the green near Treby Street.
 What do you think? In the recent “Regeneration News” from EastendHomes (click here to download a PDF version) we are told that EastendHomes “have been working with the Eric Treby Residents Association, PATH (Play Association Tower Hamlets) and the Friends of Cemetery Park on the best way to landscape the estate”. Yet none of these groups seem to be aware of the details of these new proposals!

Area of open space Link to download
ESTATE MASTERPLAN – large download showing all the estates Click to view plans PDF
SITE 4 – area around Coniston car park also Brockesley Street Click to view plans PDF
SITES 1, 2A & 2B – Ennerdale House and behind Derwent House Click to view plans PDF
SITES 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 – Spaces on Treby Street behind Beckley House and next to Loweswater House Click to view plans PDF
SITES 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 – the open space between the Tabernacle and Eric Street Click to view plans PDF
OPEN SPACE 8 & 9 – open space near Ennerdale and behind Derwent House Click to view plans PDF
SPACE 1 & SPACE 2 – Coniston House car park and space in front of Derwent House Click to view plans PDF
SPACE 5 – Detail of space between the Tabernacle and Eric Street Click to view plans PDF

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