Eric Street Residents See The Light

Eric Street TreeOver the weekend the tree surgeons were out on Eric Street to cut down the large cherry tree near to the car park entrance.

The tree known to the developers as T38 had been identified in the Arboreal Impact Assessment for the coming redevelopment as an “over mature” tree in decline.

While it can look very attractive in Spring, failure to maintain this particular tree means it has now overgrown its site. The roots have grown to such an extent that it makes walking on the slab pavement very difficult and the tree in full leaf obscures light to the rooms in adjacent properties.

A local resident told us that “it is always to a shame to a the tree go but this one has become to big”

chopped tree eric street

In the past the tree was known locally as the “money tree”. In its younger days a local resident would get the children to shake the tree and when not looking throw money in the air so the kids believed the money fell from the tree. The magic world of youth!

The smaller cherry tree further up Eric Street will be retained but receive a “short back and sides” from the tree surgeons.

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