Mile End Park Art Pavilion to become Wedding Venue 2

Tower Hamlets Council have decided that the Art Pavilion in Mile End Park is to be used for weddings instead of Art exhibitions every year from June to August inclusively and perhaps running into May and September.

A restricted report was considered by the King George’s Field Charity Board on the 29th of January in a meeting attended by only 3 of the 10 members of the board. They were Deputy Mayor Ohid Ahmed, Cabinet Member for Resources Alibor Choudhury and Cabinet Member for Environment Shahed Ali.

Mile End Art Pavilion to become a Wedding Venue

Click here or image to go to Friends of Mile End Park website

For many years the Art Pavilion was underused, but for the last two years or so it has been transformed by a volunteer curator, so that more often than not, there are free public exhibitions on every week. All this is due to end from the 1st of April to allow the necessary building work to begin.

The Friends of Mile End Park were not consulted about this proposal and have a number of concerns about the loss of what has become a great free local art venue. You can read more details here.

If you have concerns regarding this change to the park please go along to the next Friends of Mile End Park Meeting on Thursday 10 April at 7.30 pm in the Eco Pavilion (as the Art Pavilion will be closed). Steve Murray, LBTH Head of Arts and Parks has confirmed he will attend.

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2 thoughts on “Mile End Park Art Pavilion to become Wedding Venue


    Many moons ago I enquired about using the space in the pavillion, the hire fee per hour was just far to expensive for it to be affordable for social dancing classes. Where is there space for affordable classes here in east london. There is no where. There is chisenhale dance space, very steep steps, there are church halls neither have mirrors suitable for most dance classes. We really have no proper dance studioin mile end

  • John Rymell


    My ex, Terry, curated the Art Pavilion until its demise, and I was appalled at the decision taken by Cabinet about its future. Completely the wrong direction for all I could see.

    Are you still putting energy into trying to re-establish the venue as an affordable place for local artists et al to display their works?

    I think, with the new Mayor and the Council getting its first Chief Executive for several years, a new campaign to make it a People’s Palace again might be worthwhile.


    John Rymell, 21B White Horse Lane, Stepney, E1 3NE
    07956 541010