Police brought in for Questioning

A public meeting (for Tower Hamlets Residents) was held on 3rd November, 5.30pm-8pm at Whitechapel Idea Store. here is a report from that meeting

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The meeting was organised by Tower Hamlets Police and Community Safety Board which involves local residents, people who work in the borough and the voluntary sector and oversees how the Police, Council and other public bodies tackle crime and anti-social behaviour within the Borough..

The main messages from the panel – consisting of the Met Police borough commander and Council representatives – were:

  • Emphasis on the dual relationship between partners (police, Council, RSL’s etc) to tackle ASB.
  • Not all young people are trouble; kids and young people playing football is no offence.
  • Resources are being put into preventing people getting into the justice system in the first place
  • Financial cuts – Paul Rickett (Borough Commander) said he will do all to maintain front line policing, though the structure may not look the same (he did not give any details). He is committed to neighbourhood policing and preventing people from getting into organised crime.
  • The Whitechapel SNT has no base at the moment, have to come a longer way when called. Sainsbury’s will provide a temporary drop-in space.
  • Due to cuts any planned upgrades of police buildings are on hold.
  • John Biggs (who was hosting) said SNT’s may merge as a consequence of the cuts.

Also during the Event:-

Richard Taylor (father of Damilola Taylor) appealed to residents to report back street crime before it gets out of hand and turns into serious and violent crime. He spoke about the project he has set up “Access to Medicine” for young people who would not normally qualify for entry to medical school to be able to train. He stressed that parents should encourage their children to embrace education.

Performance by young people about ASB – “…there’s an application on here called Facebook, it’s all I need …”

There was a Question and Answer session towards the end. The panel was:-

Information stalls, snack and food was provided as well as a very good service of a creche for children.

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