Recipe Tree Garden goes for best garden competition

Judges from the East London Garden Society on Eric Street

Judges from the East London Garden Society dropped in to see the Recipe Tree Garden on Eric Street today. The day after midsummers day to relax and enjoy. Not just a social visit though. Kina Avebury and two other judges were here to look at the garden for the East London Garden Society “Best Garden Competition”. They were met and shown around by Tanya Nalywajko (vice chair ETRA) and Mark Taylor (chair MERA). The Cow Garden was entered in the Best Shared Garden section of the competition. The criteria to be taken into consideration when judging are:

Best for colour
Best use of available space
Best for climate change
Best use of resources available

Judging takes place during June 2012.  Awards  for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places in each category will be announced on 14th July 2012.

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