Tower Hamlets – Refresh of the Community Plan (you decide – we cut)


Click image to get PDF - Community Plan 2020 Vision

London Borough of Tower Hamlets  says the Community Plan sets out what local residents, businesses and organisations want Tower Hamlets to be like and how they intend to improve the borough. You can find the non-refreshed one here. (PDF file)

LAP 5 & 6 Community Plan review

Tower Hamlets Partnership’ are inviting local residents to attend and take part in various consultation exercises as part of the Community Plan review. In the light of political and economic changes they need to revisit the Community Plan priorities to ensure that these priorities are still relevant to the people of Tower Hamlets. Four paired LAP events will involve some discussion around the existing themes and will aim to help us better understand and manage the Partnership’s priorities for years ahead.

The first event took place on Monday 2nd August 2010 at the   Richmix Cultural Centre when residents from the borough where asked to discus the four themes of the new Community Plan:-

Three more are planned:-

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