Report Back from planning workshops

Report Back from planning workshops
7pm Thursday 13 December 2012
Bow Road
Methodist Church 1 Merchant Street London E3 4LY

CLT massing diagram

Above is the massing diagram from the original plans submitted to the HCA by the Community Land Trust with 300 or so homes on the site. Gallyford Try are currently proposing 220 ish homes. So a slightly less dense development. Some of the original buildings will have to go.

One of the controversial possible losses could be the 1937 nurses accommodation block (No 8 on plan below) Its appeal to developers to retain is hindered by the low ceiling height.

One welcome possible change in the Galyford Try plans from the original CLT plan would be a greater distance between the Brokesley Street homes and back gardens and the long run of three storey houses on the hospital site shown in the original massing diagram.

Discussions are still “on going” regarding the amount of car parking spaces on the site. Original ideas included an underground car park for 100 cars. During the planning events this now seems to have been limited to 1 place for each 10 homes plus the statutory 10% for disabled residents.

One idea that has trickled out from JTP

We have asked the architects for some early visualisations so we are not blinded by the whole “vision” on Thursday. We await a response. The CLT have got hold of an initial drawing above which shows how the front of the building could be opened up. Possibly with public amenity space and community use of the John Denham Building which looks out on to the main road.


1. John Denham Building
2. Bungalow Building
3. Timber Building
4  Administration Block
5. North Block
6. Catering Department
7. Wentworth Stanley Hall
8. Nurses Home
9. Occupational Therapy
10. Laundry
11. Boiler House
12. Oil Store
13. Drug Dependency Unit
14. Workshops
15. South Block
16. Generator
17. Old Boiler House
18. Medirest
19. School Room


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