Ropery Street Update 1

Ropery Street E3

Finally after what seems like a lifetime the derelict houses in Ropery Street E3 will soon have works done and be bought back onto the Councils’ housing list as family homes.

They will be renovated and managed by Stadium Housing (part of Network Housing Group) from their Bethnal Green Office. These properties have been the source of some considerably problems to local residents in the area in the past and their return to proper use will I believe be welcome.

The properties have been out of official use since for the last four years though have attracted the interests of squatters in the past and was the scene of a fire when an incorrectly install fridge caught fire. (see picture above) The scaffolding on the front of numbers 24 and 26 has meant that intruders found access easy to the houses and locals report that all the lead has been stripped from the roofs.

In 2008 the some residents of Ropery Street referred the situation to the councils Corporate Complaints department. referring to the scaffolding the councils’ response was

“Rather than waste more money on new security measures, our main intention now is to progress the sale and get proper refurbishment works carried out as soon as possible.”

That was March 2008 – there is still more information to come from the council on this matter.

So soon as possible seems finally to be here and Network Housing Group are almost in the position to start the project subject to some engineers reports.

The Project Manager, Colin Sharratt, informed us that three small local family contractors will be used be used on three sites to run together. The sites are:-

  • 10, 12 & 14 Ropery Street
  • 20 Ropery Street and 16 Lockhart Street
  • 24 & 26 Ropery Street

He also added that he would be happy to come down and speak to residents to answer any questions you may have.

Read a previous post about these houses here. Also the struggle a local leaseholder is having obtaining information from the council here.

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