Shuffle-ing towards new home for the Friends

Re-invent the lodge

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The lovely folk at Shuffle Festival are helping to bring to life our historic lodge and build an exciting new heart for Mile End.

In the summer of 2014, Shuffle Festival relocated to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and used the historic lodge as their base – opening a café/bar area for the festival duration. This proved a huge success with local people and the hope of opening it up permanently was born. By Summer 2015, Shuffle hope to have it open for all to use…. by request!

London Borough of Tower Hamlets have already pledged 120K to carry out essential works, but more is needed to raise another 60K to complete the project in full.



What the people at Shuffle say……

Last winter we were listening to Richard Wilson and Brian Cox read christmas stories at Winter Shuffle………..

This year the Shuffle team made its home in the empty cemetery park lodge alongside artists and good people wrapping Christmas presents to give to children who don’t have much.

We’re building a brand new extension to the existing building to open it up as a cafe and workshop space for all to use, as well as launching a collaborative design process which will compliment the architecture of the existing building.

Following the invention of the internet it became clear people could do whatever they wanted if they all worked together. A couple of years later (probably more like 20) crowd-funding became a thing.

And now we have one damn good idea and a great website, Spacehive, that means you can build it with us. By pledging you are part of the project.

If you’ve been to Shuffle and enjoyed yourself, this is moment to set in stone that unique feeling that comes with making the most of unused spaces.

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