Snipers in Mile End!! WTF!!

“Everyone is concentrating on the Olympic Park but the real problem is Mile End”.

This time last week East Londoners were struggling with the concept of high velocity ground to air missiles on top of  flats. Now Ted Jeory writes this in the Express today (Sunday):-

Security chiefs worried about the safety of US athletes during the Olympics have asked for permission to place snipers on the roof of a school.

He goes on to say that Isobel Cattermole, the director of schools at Tower Hamlets Council, says she was approached but refused to say whether it was by British or US intelligence services, or even the FBI. Read the full story here.

In November last year The Guardian reported  on tensions between UK and American officials when they voiced their concerns over security at the games:-

“The US has raised repeated concerns about security at the London Olympics and is preparing to send up to 1,000 of its agents, including 500 from the FBI, to provide protection for America’s contestants and diplomats”

The Guardian goes on to quote a UK official as saying:-

“The Americans are risk-averse, with a capital A and underlined. They want to see everything. We are not equal partners in this. They want to be on top of everything – building protection, counter-terrorism strategy and VIP security – everything.” Asked about the size of the US contingent heading to London next year, the official said: “They don’t do things by halves.”

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