Tesco Town – Bromley-by-Bow 10

Planned Tesco development at Bromley-by-Bow (Ariel view 1)

Tesco is building a new “supermarket suburb” next to the Olympics site.  The developers claim it will house hundreds of families but only 76 homes will be created for social rent. The development will have its own high street, park, Idea Store and primary school. There will be a 90-bed budget hotel on the site and Tesco will also create a local park on the bank of the river Lea, and a plaza area for residents.

CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment)  commented in a recent report:-

“Regrettably, this scheme lacks a clear masterplan idea to inform the location and character of the different elements; as currently proposed, they do not work well together to create a convincing new district centre and residential community” Read more here.

The architect made changes after Cabe complained back in February that the scheme had an “incoherent” layout and residents would look out on gridlocked traffic. Tesco has accused Cabe of ignoring local residents after the design watchdog savaged its plans for a development in east London for a second time in three months.

In its latest review, Cabe again highlighted a string of failures — from traffic problems to the supermarket’s size.

“Whilst we maintain our support for the redevelopment of this site to provide a new district centre for Bromley-by-Bow, given the shortcomings of the current proposal we think that it should not be approved in its current form”. (CABE report here)

The £62-billion-turnover supermarket giant said it would press on and that Cabe was out of touch.  The planning application PA/09/02574 was passed on 21st July


Planned Tesco development at Bromley-by-Bow (Ariel view 2)


Planned Tesco development at Bromley-by-Bow (Ariel view 3)


Planned Tesco development at Bromley-by-Bow (street view)

Tesco site map

Tesco Site Location

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10 thoughts on “Tesco Town – Bromley-by-Bow

  • sumera khan

    Thank you so much
    We do need a superstore near us.
    I was so dissapointed that we did not have a superstore in Westfields Stratford!
    I cannot thank you enough I had to go all the way to Becton but thanks to you I will have a fabulous Superstore nearby.
    Looking forward to it.

  • admin Post author

    Presently the Tesco scheme seems unlikely to go ahead in its present form as in 2011, following a Compulsory Purchase Order inquiry the previous year, the Secretary of State resolved not to confirm the C.P.O.

    Tesco Stores Ltd. have been unable to acquire the land through negotiation.

    • Samantha


      Will Tesco try to reattempt to acquire the land?
      Is it due to the scheme that Tesco is not able to acquire the land? Will Tesco revise the design / scheme?
      The area needs to be redeveloped and something like what Tesco is proposing would make the place an even nicer place to live.

      Thank you

  • Jon Kengsington

    this is amazing. We all really love Tesco to build a massive superstore in this new location. I am a visiting consultant to many of the Resident Association within the Bromley by Bow area, and the message i get is that “tesco is our community hub” “tesco represents Bromley by Bow”, ” i live here because of Tesco”, ” i would get a depression if not for Tesco”, ” I really will not take it if Tesco decides to move away due to some greedy developers”, etc. Yes Tesco should stay in Bromley by Bow. Just like Big Ben represents Westminster, in the same way Tesco represents Bromley by Bow. People all the way from Limehouse or Canary Wharf will think about Tesco and they immediately think about Bromley by Bow.

  • Jon Kengsington

    I speak on behalf of the residents at Bromley-by-Bow that we all stand united in proposing that Tesco should stay in BRomley-by-Bow. This has been a much better place to live because of Tesco. PWe cannot let greedy developers take what they want. What use is there for new flats and residents if there is no avenue for us to purchase our food conveniently. Tesco is where people meet our friends who live locally, it represents our community. Please can anyone help to connect us with the person who might be able to help listen to our voices? Please can you provide contacts of the person in charge of approving the planning permission for Tesco to disappear and for new residential flats to be built but with no replacement for a new Tesco. Residents do no want Tesco to leave. Local councils and local planning authority should hear our voices to keep Tesco.