Violence erupts on Eric Street

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Thursday 7th June 2012 at 6:45 pm

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There were scenes of violent chaos last night on Eric Street – E3 as police were called to an eruption of fighting between rival gangs armed with knives, machetes and a pick axe.

Knife found by local resident the next day


The incident started when a group of young men arrived on the estate in a dark car and chased some local men off Eric Street, cornering them by the entrance to Windermere House. They were attacked with knives but managed to to make their get away. Blood was found in the area but the extent of their injuries is unknown. The assailants returned to their car and sped off.

A further attack was witnessed near the grass area on Eric Street. The weapon used was said to have been a pick axe. At least one person was seen with blood coming from what appeared to be a head injury.

Shocked residents looked on as police arrived in force at around 10.00pm to separate the two groups. The young men involved quickly discarded weapons in gardens and open spaces which were then sealed off by police.

Police confirmed today (Tuesday 29/05) that an incident took place last night but could not comment any further. A local resident discovered a further knife in the area this morning.

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