Warning – youths (not from our Estates) throwing fireworks.

Firework thrown eric treby bow trinity

The firework thrown in broad daylight

Beware – youths on Tuesday 25th at 13.30 threw a firework at a woman passing through our Estate

This incident occurred on Maplin Street in broad daylight and left a woman in shock and her coat ruined. A passing police car was flagged down and statements taken. The youths were part of the gang which has been causing misery for residents around Windermere House and in blocks on Treby Street.

If you are in any danger call 999 and ask for the police or if you wish to report any incidents that do not require an immediate police response call 101.

The Council also have an Anti Social Behaviour Hotline call 0800 917 5918 To report any kind of anti-social behaviour anonymously; including verbal and physical abuse and threats, harassment, criminal activity, vandalism, graffiti and damage to property, noise nuisance or continuous environmental health issues.

A coat ruined by reckless idiots

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