Friday truck chaos

11th May Truck trafic 8Last Friday morning brought chaos on the Eric and Treby estates when Bouygues started removing crushed rubble from the Southern Grove site for the new Beatrice Tate School.

Trucks arrived on mass from all directions soon after 8am with no regard to the relatively non-existent construction management plan. Although provisions at the site gate meant that trucks were guided back into the site with a banks man the rest of Hamlets Way and Southern Grove was filled with large trucks from contractor Mc Ardle parked at various jaunty angles on yellow lines.

11th May Truck trafic 6

Reversing truck


With total disregard to the safety of local residents trucks were seen reversing without banks men, using the estate as a holding area and mounting the pavement.

Bouygues had not thought of informing contractors Telfords who are presently working on three large building sites within yards of the Beatrice Tate site.

We contacted Bouygues to ask if this they considered the chaos to be acceptable and were informed that the drivers from Mc Ardle had signed an agreement that all trucks should follow the same route around the estate used by Telfords. It was obvious that this agreement was not being adhered to. By 3 pm finally the situation had improved with an undertaking from the Bouygues site manager that any truck approaching the site from the wrong direction would be refused access to the site.

Telfords banks man attempts to guide trucks on Hamlets Way

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