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We have received some enquiries about the houses on Ropery Street.

These three houses were converted from the original four bedroom homes to flats in the early sixties. Planning applications have recently been passed for all three of these Victorian terrace properties to be “de-converted” back to single family dwelling houses. This will provide much needed family housing for the borough.

The proposed works will involve the demolition and reconstruction of the front of numbers 24 and 26 and partial demolition of number 20 as they are at present unstable. They will however be rebuilt incorporating all of their original details, using materials that match the existing buildings.

It was originally proposed to create homes that complied with “Lifetime Homes” standards but constraints of the existing building and its location within the Conservation Area prevent many of these standards being achieved. Key elements of the external features have been discussed with the Conservation Officer:-

  • Existing windows to the front elevation to be replaced with purpose made timber double hung sash windows to match existing.
  • All brickwork to be carried out using second hand yellow London stocks.
  • Roof to be renewed with Eternit asbestos free man-made slates.
  • Rendering details around the front elevation windows and doors, together with the parapet to be retained or replaced to match existing.

The houses presently belong to Tower Hamlets but are in the process of being transferred to Network Housing Group. This transfer has been slow firstly because of the possibility of squatters but mostly due to delays in securing government funding. We have been told by Network Housing that funding is now in place and they hope to start work on the houses within 6 weeks when the paperwork is finalised. When completed (18 months they say) they will go back on the LBTH rented properties list. We received assurances that the contractors they use will keep disturbance to a minimum. They also apologised for the delay but ask local residents to “bare with them”.

Details of all three renovation projects can be found on the LBTH planning website –  20 Ropery St24 Ropery St –  26 Ropery St

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