Saint Clements Planning Application


The planning application for this site can be found here. It is a huge and complex set of documents. Local groups and organizations will be making comments to tweak the design. Among some of the concerns are treatment of the gardens – around bio-diversity issues.

Residents in the area support the scheme in general but are keen to see more opening up of the front or side walls to reflect the change of use from incarceration to habitation.

The resulting site should be as open as possible with community space in the front building.

Some concerns were expressed at the consultation meetings that a gated community would not be welcome and access should be free for pedestrians and cyclists to use the site as a route to the Cemetery Park.

The development will result in 73 truly affordable homes.

If you would like to offer comments for improvements or support for the application email  the case officer –  Please quote the application number PA/13/01532 or comment on-line here

The official 21 days consultation period ends on Tuesday but you can still comment after this date.


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