Site watch…. 2014

Eric and Treby Estate - Mile End - London E3

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Ennerdale House: 51.523698, -0.031017
Truck reversing - with no banksman - Ennerdale on 9th June 2010: 51.523836, -0.030991
Environmental Health stop work due to excessive dust: 51.523805, -0.032209
Skip burns out next to gas cylinders: 51.523971, -0.031318
Developers hoarding falls on residents car: 51.523536, -0.031141
Professional driver on phone while moving heavy vehicle in public area with load: 51.523744, -0.031629
Enlargement of Coniston car park without planning permission: 51.524877, -0.032026
Breached planning conditions contamination remediation: 51.524185, -0.032890
Remediation on open space 3: 51.523753, -0.032777
Excessive dust during concrete crushing - site 15: 51.523138, -0.032504
Excessive dust - a constant issue - Brockesley St - site 8: 51.525544, -0.030143
Telfords workers starting noisy work at 7 am: 51.523460, -0.031220
Eric Street double yellow lines: 51.523992, -0.033205
Well done EEH - keeping doors closed: 51.523005, -0.030624
Contractor Neglect: 51.525153, -0.031637
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How our estate was  before the developers

The Eastend Homes website seems to be floundering in HTML cut and paste land due to ongoing technical difficulties (Ongoing and still unresolved for the last fifteen months).

Their free (as in speech and beer) content management system “plone” is stuffed and seems to have lost its database, If you know the whereabouts of the EEH website database do not hesitate to contact.

It has been four years since permission was granted for the over-developement of the Eric, Treby & Brockesley Estates with private flats. So with the aid of the Google it may be an idea to recap on the events of the past 4 years. So have a look and click about on the Google map above – still a work in progress so further information will be added as time passes.

Stay tuned.