Eastend Homes – Densification 6

Estate Densification “Part of a master planning exercise undertaken at the time of the estate transfers identified the potential for some additional ‘infill’ units to be constructed on the Bede and Eric estates”. from Eastend Homes Corporate Plan 2014/19 So yesterday (Saturday 23 May) after over 10 years they finally told […]

2011 – 2012 Leaseholders final service charges

Many thanks to EEHLFA for this article If you have any queries regarding your service charges and would like assistance please contact EEHLFA (EastEndHomes Leaseholders and Freeholders’ Association). The 2011 / 2012 final demand has a slightly different layout to last year, and we think makes some of the individual […]

Leaseholders – estate improvements – what to pay?

With a number of estate improvements/regeneration (and some might say over-development) going on we have been asked by some leaseholders if they have to pay towards estate improvements. The answer is it depends on what your lease says. Does your lease say you need to pay towards improvements? Generally their are two […]