No skipping for Ennerdale refuse! Update 20th November 1

Tower Hamlets Refuse Collection:

  • had NOT been advised by EastendHomes of the change to the refuse collection arrangements.
  • were UNAWARE OF THE REFUSE PROBLEM at Ennerdale House caused by the change in refuse collection arrangements by Telford Homes.

“we need to look at creating a new temporary refuse storage area since we don’t want to confuse residents with thinking purple bins are for refuse” say the Council. Read the latest rubbish news on the MERA blog here and more pictures on Flickr

20th November - Click image to see more on Flickr

The situation on Friday 12th November outside Ennerdale House (remember just prior to the week end). The 3 recycling bins are being used for general and large rubbish since the landlord (EastendHomes) have closed off access for residents to the big skip in Ennerdale House, and without providing an alternative. On Friday the overspill was excessive and flies all over the place in the wind; stuff lands in trees and even in the building site on the opposite side of the road.

Click image to see on "Fix my Street"

The bins were finally emptied by 17.00 on Sunday evening - but not polystyrene - click image to see on fix-my-street.

See below and previous post – Bob The Considerate Constructor

Alternative bins full by 14.00 on Sunday

Mile End Estate Management Board tell us refuse arrangements will be permanent – no access to skip – after all these years now considered a health & safety risk!

The closure will be permanent, we were told at the Mile End Estate Management Board meeting on Thursday evening when we brought up the issue of residents now not having anywhere to put bulk rubbish. (It’s the board set up by EastendHomes consisting of residents on the EastendHomes estates here at Mile End).

EastendHomes did not inform residents of what best to do in this situation until 5 days later and with a rather useless piece of advice to divide your rubbish into smaller portions which can fit down the rubbish chutes on the stairs.

 Ennerdale rubish 09.00 Saturday 6th November

Ennerdale rubbish situation at 09.00 Saturday 6th November

We recommend that if you have big rubbish to put it in the big bin at Derwent House, opposite the entrance to Ennerdale. This will get filled up pretty quickly but we hope that way EastendHomes will Mr recycle moreprovide some sort of extra skip for us in Ennerdale.

Please don’t put general rubbish in the recycling bins – they are still strictly for recyclables only and now placed by the exit to Hamlets Way – although we don’t blame anyone for having used them in the last week as they were the nearest skips and no advice or information had been given by our landlord.

General rules for recycling are:

  • Only use the pink sacks
  • Any plastic bottles can go in (shampoo, household cleaning, water bottles, milk plastic bottles) – but no cellophane used for food wrapping.
  • Newspapers, pizza leaflets!

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One thought on “No skipping for Ennerdale refuse! Update 20th November

  • Local resident

    EEH advised at the meeting to use bulk collection service if residents have large items – but how about the bucket and mop left outside last week? Would the Council approve of that kind of calls?!?! Is this not ultimately a landlord issue????? EEH incompetent? Unwilling? Stupid??? Back to the drawing board Mr Henderson and co.