Ooooops – another power cut

A post for the early risers…Power cut in Ennerdale House again on the 8th October – phase 3 as per usual. Lifts were out and two people were stuck. Fire brigade got one person out. Another resident was released from the lift after an hour by the lift engineer. We were told on the phone by a non customer friendly customer care person at Precision Lifts that the engineer was stuck in traffic. The reality was he was speeding up the A2 from Ashford!

Electricity returned and water seems Ok in some flats – Still no heating. We will have to wait till the morning when EastendHomes wake up and log in to the website. Steve or Paul please give John a ring.

And another Oooops!

A contractors driver has managed to wreck the gate to the Telford compound at Ennerdale House. Hopefully he will not be allowed out on the public highway without further instruction.

Any further H&S irregularities please let us know –

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