LBTH Core Strategy – Planning Inspector’s binding report

LBTH posted the Planning Inspector’s binding report on the Core Strategy here.

Read the MERA representation on the draft  Core Strategy here

“The Council is pleased to announce that following the delivery of the Planning Inspector’s binding report, the Core Strategy has been found sound, subject to minor changes. This brings the Examination in Public for the Core Strategy to a close.”

LBTH core strategy fig51

Figure 51 Mile End

The inspector did take on board residents concerns about the vision set out for Mile End…

“Lack of sensitivity to local concerns undermines the credibility of the vision diagrams. For example it was highlighted at the examination hearings that the new shopping centre indicated at Mile End (Figure 51) incorporates residential areas and listed terraced houses.”

She also questioned the ease of access…..

“A recurrent difficulty in this CS (Core Strategy) is the reliance on endnotes which refer to evidence base documents to justify the strategy. The endnotes refer to entire documents and in order to fully understand the reasoning and justification for some policies a detailed reading of these documents is required. This has been exacerbated because the “why we have taken this approach” sections, which are intended to justify and explain policies and link them to the supporting evidence, are placed after the policies. Consequently the CS does not flow or unfold in a logical way and is not an easily accessible document. This has represented a barrier to engagement with the local community”.

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