Advice from the Met Police

Advice for the public following disorder

Whilst those who live and work in London should go about their daily lives without fear – we do however ask that they take sensible precautions to ensure their safety.

We would advise members of the public to avoid any unnecessary travel to areas that have been affected by the events of the last couple of days, and help the emergency services by giving us the room that we need to respond. Make sure you are safe and do not put yourselves into vulnerable positions.

It is possible that your journeys to and from work may be affected so think ahead and plan carefully. Stay alert and be aware of what is going on around you. If you do have any concerns about returning home this evening, you should consider staying with friends or family members outside of the affected areas.

Over the last 24 hour period we have received almost four times more 999 emergency calls than normal (20,800 compared to 5,400). Consequently some callers may experience difficulty in getting through to 999, or waiting longer than usual for their call to be answered. We would ask you to bear with us, and only use 999 in situations that require an immediate police response.

DAC Steve Kavanagh said: “I wish to reassure members of the public that a London wide policing operation is in place to manage any further public disorder in the capital. We are doing everything we can by working with our partners and the community to ensure residents and businesses can go about their daily lives in confidence.”


Getting information and advice

Where can I get information and advice?

Police are providing the media with information to keep the public informed. Tune in to your local radio or television station for updates or visit our website.

You can also follow the Police on Twitter or see the Neighbourhood Link Service here.

How can I find out local information?

The council is now encouraging anyone who may have information that is useful to the police to call the police’s Major Investigation Team on 020 8345 4142. Further updates from the police are available from and residents can also call 101 to report a crime that has already happened, seek crime prevention advice or make them aware of any policing issues in your local area.

You can find your local LBTH council website here.

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